2003-05-02 @ 9:27 p.m.
random entry ~ jills fault... **and then later this becomes THE JILL PAGE**

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Person: Jill. I dont know why tho.

E-Mail: E-Mail Jill!! Feedback.. tell her something!!

Challenge: to keep from laughing... :)

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ok, a bunch of random thoughts n such


... if that was true, then i think iv killed more cats than any other single cause of feline death... plus that picture always makes me laugh :D

ok, the other thought... im sure youv all heard of jill, the ex-g/f from, like, two years ago that i still cry myself to sleep over? ... *like, honestly, a few nites ago, and a scar to prove it* ... anywayz, her Yahoo! sn is crimson_agius ... now iv never really thought of this, but -anyone- could email her and tell her what they think of her, and how awful shes treated me... or they could ask about how much of this shit is true *my guess, about 85%* ... now, if your unfamiliar with yahoo *lucky* then ill tell you a secret.. well, ok, its common knowledge... that you can take a Yahoo sn, like crimson_agius for example, and have a persons email address simply by adding @yahoo.com.. prducing [email protected]

Now, i know this is an incredibly awful, stupid, and plainly rude thing to do, but im suggesting *strongly* to all who may see this to email her. Youv heard the stories, youv seen the carnage, now hav your own piece of Jillian .... and, im sorry to all those other Jill's and Jillian's who share that name... its a beautiful name.. or at least, i was proud to say that a few years ago ;) ... hehehehehe ... i feel bad already... but oh well? ... ill be fun

Go ahead, if you in the slightest care about me, then im sure youv at least toyd with the idea of giving her a piece of your mind... so DO IT!!! nows your chance!!! ... plus, shes ignoring me, so im hoping this forces her to talk to me agin, which means more pathetic *im crying on my keyboard" entrys!! you kno you like those!!! email her now, before her InBox fills!!!

*lolz.. so much Lolz'ing*

so yeah...

poor kittens.. now, if jill hadnt bein so mean, so many kittens would be alive today.. so really, she not only broke my heart, but shes indirectly caused the death of thousands, perhaps even MILLIONS of innocent kittens!! .... omg... think of it...

!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! ok, heres ome Jill-related entry for you to enjoy, in case youv missed something?

the Formal Jill-Rant ... its kinda old tho

trip to SF ruined

she ruins Jennifer life

Jill and Suicide come hand-in-hand

i cry over jill too much...

I actually cried -during- typing..

Coopertina was bullshit

She Promised! ...

Agin, Promises..

Talking to jill can also ruin my career pursuits :D

I kiss good, just ask Jill and Lilly!

the first tyme i type "ignorant little girls"

She stopd letting me kiss her..

Laura saves me from Jill.. well kinda

my Notebook Journal rockd!

one'a the few tymes jills pain-causing ability far exceeded her ability to make me happy

its jus cool... all around this time-period theres breif mentions of jill

i smiled a lil

the usual lameness... dans mentiond too :)

but, i accomplished my mission ... i cant fully rmember my problems enough to justify being this drunk **jus funny, read it**

i cried over jill in public for once... while drunk tho

long walks.. Eep

funny day w/ laura at jillz expense

*my drunk powers only include falling*


Zomebies can never stay -dead-


magdalene sucks... so do corsicas *except the H4rDC0rsisa

i hate my mom... honest!

jill hates me and im happy .. for once

another random jill-entry

why cant she realize?

well, i menion her a bunch of other tymes, but i tryed to keep these limited to the most important... shes an almost constant part of my life, but thnakfully i havnt actually spent any great deal of tyme talking to her, so im safe i hope?? .. i hope

so yeah, this is 'the jill' page... an actual page... this is prolly bad...


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