2003-02-25 @ 1:12 a.m.
other lame entry? no one even reads this??

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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okay, im online w/o anyone to talk to and im not on d2... thats mean multiple updates

i went thru my diary, looking for the pattern.. and i found it... Jill

See, she is the worst example of falling in love... shes so awful, but yet i still cower to her.. i cant help it.. im 0wn3dz ... id do anything for her.. or against her

i cant decide wheather or not to try, or to jus let go.. i need to talk to her agin

and she'll tell me to go away ...

and ill be back in a few days needing to talk agin...

because i cant stop caring, i cant force myself to go back on everything.. i cant destroy what we have... at least not my end of things ...

but if you ask her, i destroyed tghe relationship :) so yeah, that makes me feel wonderful *sarcasm*

whenever actually start trying, i feel guilty about feeling so sad n lame like i feel now

i dont kno what to do


mom got me a appointment wit John Miller, my therapist from, like, 10 years ago.. its on friday


im gonna play d2

and sleep

and spank it? :)


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