2002-11-15 @ 10:00 p.m.

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today wasnt cool

well, ok, maby kinda near the end it was..?

i woke up, went to kiels, chilld

JQ shows up, then CJ, then kiel, we chill, i take JQ n CJ home...

i forgot about michael, which i promised to do a few dayz ago to take home from skoo ....

got to kiels, talked to jill... gran calls about michael *Eeep* ... i go get him, and take dwight to his car... then i go back to jills

talk to jill alot.. spent more than an hour crying *its not fun*

then make a decision, ill jus go and kill myself; itll all be over

she runs out, trys to stop me...

we talk awhile.. finally, she gives me my keys, is about to let me die... chcuk runs out, her granpa had another stroke, and so hes going to talk her granma to the hospital to see him ... so jill starts crying, i feel really bad, and accept her compromise:

so now i hav twp jill-getting promises,

1) She'll go out with me if i can tolarate her after her surgery on the 20th

2) she go out with me after she breaks up with Dan

so im set, i can relax .. shes myne :D

then i drive kiel to lauras, and come home..

i made a fake yahoo-archive where dan asks for a threesome w/ me n jill ... it was funnny... i sent it to jill, it made her think he cared about her *WTF?* so i told her i lyed, cuz i did, i dont want to help dans case any ... :P

thats bout it .. trm is Game, im so happy

Got an email from jennifer... she doesnt hate me, and so im gonna start talking ot her agin, now that i dont hav to fear :D


well, thats about it

hopefully things will get better?


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