2003-05-03 @ 3:24 a.m.
drunken entry... these are cool, arentthey?

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**too drunk**

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guess what.. im drunk :D

i was gonna leave the jill entry up a few dayze, but fuck jill...

so my day from las tyme you heard.. lacey talked to me, emild jill... laura calld, talks about prom a lil, dwight calls, talks about coming to beemans... ... and i do, and i get htere. and dwight talks alil bout prom... then beeman busts out brandy. I didnt think brandy was as cool as Vodka. but im drunk,... so now im kinda like.. agreeing or whatever

so then stuff happens, hella ppl were at beemans... kecks friends mostly, and dwiz n me.. and they tried to pick on me a lil.. i watched daria, and daria is hot!! id totally be all up in her shit!! ... then sesame street, is kinda..wel.. snuffleufagus wanted to get pcnched.. i punched a few things.. but i never hit hard, so nothing broke or anything... like, i swing hella light, but id make a big sound?

now im home, cuz i was all crafty n shit n snuck out undetected *i hope* ...

i keep touching my hair, that was in spikes

ok, yea

on the way home, i thought

im like, all in love with jill.. i even wrote her a note.. its pathetic.. but i kinda wanna move on... i want both.. i want neithe.r. i want someone

then theres Lacey... yea, i would ;) ... but she would never like me..... oh well

and then theres all those girls a dated fer a wekk.. chrissy, lauren, n leslie... all kinda in the same boat.. they hurt me, but not bad enough to actually make me wanna die or anything... jus lil stings to the brokenheart.....

laura is a special case... its so confuzleding.. liek, some days i honest love her... and some i wanna punch her so hard she loses teeth... ... is that bad? its cuz shes unstable... and im well.. i need a support-stable.. .. so she kinda makes me insane, literally.. like, i never do half the stupid shit i do unless shes in my life???? ....

hen theres my diary fanclub... ok, theres, like 3 pp who seem to like me... but then theyll read my drunk and hate me of somethin?

well grr! ... i mean, id totaslly wanna get together with them.. excpet theys all far away... well, Jessica isnt -that- far.. but she also hasdnt replyd yet.. so grr...

oh, yeah, im gonna try to emai Tara.. who sounds so coolies i wanna bust out right here! .. chicks + cars = love ..... simple eqwuaion... but still

oh, yea

my mouth feels al dehydrated... iv decided that thats how i measure my drunk.. is by how much my body craves water....... speaking of which*drinks alot of water i pourd fer me in a big ass cup*

i didnt cry this tyme....

i wonder why?

i mean, iv even beint hinking about jill and everything?

god, how i wish id never fucked things up... as i said, im -never- agin gonna break up with a girl... well, unless shes totally unreasonable to an extreme and in-human point. then i guess i will.... oh, and when im drunk.. guys and girls.. well.. they all become 'human' .... and my brain says 'human' is kissable.. the chick-ones jus so happen to be more-kissable... dwight almost got it. on mlitple occasions

itd at least be a funnny storie.. altho id prolly get punched

ok, maby i lied.. christina i really did start to care about... i mean, like, i feel bad...

and leslie too.. but different.. i dunnno how to explain

Lauren tho... she was hot, and everything was perfect... except shes an awful bitch... awful heartless lil girl of a bitch... omfg, you read that conversation -> me: ok, you win, you get everything you ewant"

her: "oh, i guess you werent listening, i dont want what i want, its over"

shes hella dumb

oh, and speaking of which, click the jill! link down there somewherre..... cuz its hella funny!

also, my hand moves.. now normally thats normal.. buit it looks different than it feels.. *im like, analysing my drunkness*

i cant believe i spelld that word.. *cant respell it* ...

brandy is cool i guess... its mean like Vodka tho, but instead of having no taste, it has that 'brandy' like taste... it threw me off a bit...

so yea


and maby an email to laura... cuz she deserves to kno how i feel...


i sadly think thats it?

if it was possible for me to show ypou love, i would .. honest... i need attentin -that- much

especially sexual attention.. cuz im odd like that

nitenite fer nows


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