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My Rings - Fsck It All

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This page will update! Bookmark it or somethin!!

At some point i will add description fer each -> why I chose it.

I joined these two Anime rings cuz i like anime, i wish i could draw anime, some of my dreams look like anime, and i think most anime-chicks are hot ...

I joined this one cuz i dont like makeup. Most chicks look better without it, plus i dont like how it smeels or feels. Girls shouldnt have to go thru that kind of shit to feel beautiful, especially since they stay just as beautiful as they were before they started. Iv had makeup on before, iv applyed it, etc... not coolies at all. girls are better off natural in that regard.

This one is Duh! im in california, i think its very colies so live here, so yeah .. w00t!

I graduated in 2002. I joined the ring.. big deal?

Lacey says im cynical, and i can see the logic in that assessment ... im very distrustful, i know your prolly gonna hurt me or your lieing to me in some fashion. I try not to let that bother me, especially since i hav nothing to lose :) ..

For the past two weeks'ish *cant tell tyme* iv think i was .. i get that way sometimes.. i dunno ...

I dream alot, most/all of the day.. i be typing you a message daydreaming, driving whiel daydreaming, sitting in class daydreaming ... its my life, if you were to say so ..?

Dune is one'a the best SciFi movies... not the new frank herberts Dune, but that hella old one, especially the super-long 4hour version!! it should be a required viewing to be admited into middle school or something ...

I like hentai, same as i like anime ...? go figure

Yep, one'a the main themes of my daydreams, plus the fact iv prolly thought about doing something naughty to almost every girl iv ever seen .. im evil :)

Im italian, cuz ask my granpa! i even hav the italian las name! .... thats about it..?

The girl who runs this one is coolies, plus i can relate .. shes prolly the coolest Malkie i kno!

Do you kno who your fuckin wit? w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-wicked clowns .... in any case, i stab people, like everyday folks and i really like to sing ICP songs at the bus stop, in the bus, at the light rail stations, and on the light rail.. all my frineds cheer me on and laugh, and everyone else keeps their distance .. hehehe

It does, or at least the part of Love where the other person doesnt like you back .. Im kinda used to it tho, i automatic expect it at some point, no one iv ever met has liked me back constantly ... i wish someone could .. but im icky n lame n shit, so i dont really expect it. Eventually ill trick some poor girl into liking me :) then ill be happy

ph34r m4 L33t sk1llz ... thats the only reason i picked this ring

Most of the people iv talked to this summer were far far away ... and then theres Lacey ...

I did las nite, i will tonite at some point, and i dont see i stop to it. Jill once accused me of being addicted, im not tho, im getting better ... im jus in a relapce right now :) thats all ... im lonely, and horny ... once i hav a chick, permanently, i wont need to anymore ... i ph34r for her safety tho ... im insatiable >:)

I really enjoy megatokyo ... the only problem is a hate having to wait multiple days between issues .. i liked the day i read 200+ ... only a few seconds between issues .. but anyways, some/most of my slang came from there, and to fully understand me you will havta read them all .. so yeah ... :P

Metallica is one of my most fav'est bands ... i like every song on the black album, and prolly another 20-30 more songs spread out among their other albums ...

I cant sit on a toilet i havnt cleaned that section ... I dont use the potty at frineds homes ... plus i hav lots of other weird things goin on in my brain .. i think im meurotic :) plus it kinda sounds like erotic, and thats coolies

Pink is the cutest color! fsck you all who say otherwise! I love how its all bright n stuff ... Emma prequently says 'Hav a Pink day" ... its cute, and also fer nice. I like the color pink, and im not gay ... Grr ...

Yep ... I once heard on the TV some person say "Its easyer than pissin in the shower" .. i laughed .. i took the 'peeinshower' survey .. i laughed ... i done really care, i mean, it goes down the same pipes either way? plus im being washed, so its no-big-deal

I kno im evil, i kno your gonna betray me, and eventually this whole planet will be destoryed and unliveable .. w00t!

PowerPuff girls are one of the few shows i watch whenever i see it on .. i dont know why, but its cute yet kick-ass .. so yeah :)

Even tho those girl are being exploited, and they prolly really dirty n used n such ... there naked in those picture, and that turns me on ... lots of internal conflict arrise from this subject, but in general, i think naked chicks are a turn on, and RosyPalm does the rest ...

Why do people associate all the coolest things with gay-people? the rainbow was around long before homosexuality ... but oh well -> i think they look coolies, i love seeing the contrast of colors n stuff ... Rainbows make me happy .. they also make me think of Becky .. that could be why?

Strangely enough, i am... agin, i live in a fantasy world, and that why -> I love that whole romantic-feeling, everything about it..

They are one'a my most fav'est bands, i only like their first Cd, but i like mostevery song of it

SanFrancisco iz awesome, i cant think of any reason why its not cool .. except fer the gay-people ... I cant stress enough the fact i dun like guys, there icky.

It sounds fun, plus i usually use kamakase tactics in games .. i think im looking to die. But till then, im jus havin fun :)

I have seen every episode. Or at least parts of every episode. Its the coolest TV series ever. I ewant the entire thing on DVD ... I think Riker would make a good captain.

They are so cool, one'a my most fav'est bands ... I only like their first Cd, but i like mostevery song on it.

Iv had that thought, multiple occasions iv planned it, and once or twice i think i might hav had the nerve to do it. Oddly, im still here to sugn up fer the ring

It tastes really good, i like it, and no one else does. Those reasons are enough fer me to start my on francise... prolly one'a the main reason i like Alidia :)

Techno is perfect. It is the natural evolution of music. Perfect. I love it... and it makes me think of driving fast and Becky, two of my favorite things :)

My favorite pair of pants are size 16 *lil boys* and were less than $5 at goodwill ... I wear it every time it get cleaned..

I would say that my diary is unique, Emma made me layout for me, shes so awesome... and if you count my rantings, then yeah, its very unique indeed!

Because im not. I havnt had enough yet. Gimme more. Ask Jill about this one.

I say that alot ... all my friends copy me and say that ... its a coolies expresiion! i say it ' W - T - F ' ... old people and lil kids dont know what im talking about.. thats awesome

Legend of Zelda : A Link to The Past - was my first SNES game, and one'a my most favest .. i love it, iv had dreams, i wanna go play it agin!!

Anorexia sucks. Your gonna be just as beautiful no matter what the scale tells you ... the nly exception is if the number the extremely high, or extremely low. If i met someone online who said they were 5'6 - 85lbs ... i would hav ph34r .. gr34t ph34r ... my thought is that no grown-human should ever weigh less than 130 ... and should be eating 3-7 tymes a day *like me ;)* .. im very against the whole concept of girls having to alter themselves to be beautiful ... you either are or arent .. and i rarely see 'arent' people, even in dumpy places, most women/chick/girls are at least a lil cute, most are hot ... Rick agrees. :))

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