2003-05-02 @ 7:48 p.m.
Prom ~ okay, not myne but still!

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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to start, christina isnt smart.. i never said she broke my heart. not once, so then 'agin' was clearly unwarranted. but, it IS there, and she by far didnt help it! ... its kinda sad, no one really seems to like me back, except Laura, wos a total nutcase

speaking of which

so dwight shows up, wakes me, he leaves, i jack on, then shower, then he comes back, i spike my hair *im getting better n faster everyday!* and we tryo our hardest to waste tyme..., first we stop byu dwights home, then we go back to myne, i use my calligraphy ink to dye his cast black... only i accidently over-watered the mix, so i kinda dripd alot, and turned gray. but gray is far less noticeable than white? ... so then we go to mesa, no jill, poor dwight *shakes fist* ... and then we go get laura, go to her home... first we stop by a bit, thenw e go to Billy's *the mom?* work, and she dyes dwights n laura hair.. both hav black with red roots'ish... well, laura has alot of red, dwights has almost all black.. it works perfect tho :D ... then we go back to the home, Roberta, the cute 13 yr old who looks like shes 8 showd up outta nowhere and got a ride home with us? ... at the home we chill a bit, dwight spends an hour doing his hair in spikes, i sneak a kiss form laura, then she goes to get ready.. on and off most of the day Robrerta kept picking fights.. shes cute tho, so i didnt -actually- throw her in the pool; from somewhere leslie appeard... so i flirt with leslie pretty much until we leave... but before that laura shows up all beautiful in her prom dress... billy takes pictures... then we leave, dwight shows laura off to his dad, then i get droppd off at home

now im at home


I got emails tho, and that r0xd ...

now im bored...

prolly laterz dwiz n laura will be back, and well go do somethin fun....? hopefully?

im hungry tho, im ognna go eat


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