2003-05-02 @ 12:00 a.m.
things i laughed at... :)

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:: how nintendo are you? ::

:: how jedi are you? ::

funny things to post i shall , yyYess.....

but yea, iv had a very big crush on Leia ever since, well.. ever! .. i think shes about as fine as ambdala *or whatever her name was, from episode 1&2* ... but Leia is WAY more datable!

oh, and i hav funny conversations with dwight.. cuz he IM's me regularly.. you should too!!

OfFaithAndFire: hey

OfFaithAndFire: no keck plans i take it?

vulpineblaze: t:-)

vulpineblaze: yea, i guess

OfFaithAndFire: yea as in yes or yea as in no..

vulpineblaze: *confuzled* ... im gonna sit here till i sleep! grr!

OfFaithAndFire: ok so there is no keck plans? say yes if their is keck plans, no if their is not..

vulpineblaze: im not leaving my house, keck has not calld

OfFaithAndFire: ok kewl, god ur an idiot tho...that still was not the answer to my question lol, the correct answer would have been no

OfFaithAndFire: thx for the note...ass

OfFaithAndFire: :P

vulpineblaze: :-P im waiting till i can think of something cool to say!

OfFaithAndFire: just a hewo works, but ok :P

vulpineblaze: :-P you said you wantd somethin cool, and thats what your gonna get !:-P:-P!!

OfFaithAndFire: lol ok :-P

vulpineblaze: *jus thought of something.... oooooh

vulpineblaze: are you gonna go to skoo trm?

OfFaithAndFire: probly not

vulpineblaze: Tory!!! GRRR!!!

OfFaithAndFire: lol

vulpineblaze: oh, speaking of which, when is another one of those church things??

OfFaithAndFire: tuesday

OfFaithAndFire: 's.....all of em

vulpineblaze: really, eh?

vulpineblaze: then maby we should jus wait, let me be H4rDC0r3, cuz im also talking to Hannah, and maby that other tall blonde girl... I AM H4rDC0r3~!!

OfFaithAndFire: lol

vulpineblaze: the only thing that could really stop me is having a g/f... but thats wont happen by tuesday..... i hope

vulpineblaze: omfg.. Hannah.. *drools*

vulpineblaze: like, when i say "i would" i mean, like after a relationship n such... and if she walked up naked and was all "oh, the C" id be like "-=Denied=-" .... but not Hannah... id hav that shit out so quick itd get a rugburn from the windsheer...

OfFaithAndFire: lol


yeah, im fucked up too... but oh well?

i cant find more quizzez.. grr.. so im leaving

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