2003-05-01 @ 11:26 p.m.
~praying for you to fall~ *good day tho*

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ok, so after battling my lameness-relapse from las nite *becky helped, she reminded me that everyone life is shit, i smiled, told her i loved her, cuz its true kinda, altho not in the painful g/f way* and so then dwight finally shows up, we drove around.. im not sure were to.. we went to kecks, beemans, dwights home, and kecks... somehow killd tyme till laura finally said to come over... its, was, like 9 at that point, we go there and chill.. i saw leslie, bad for me, cuz now im kinda all feeling-lame for that ... some other girl lives there, shes kinda hot .... like, 4 girls in that house i want.. and thats -bad- ... very very bad... so then after awhile we leave, keck has no plans, so i end up here

got emails, leslies email was one.. it made me feel lame, one from jessica which r0x'd, and one from jessicas friend, melissa which was short. it feels good to hav a short email once in awhile :D but not too often *like, once a week *lol** ...

but yeah... i wanted to go skating today kinda... oh well

next tuesday is another one of those church-things.... that means as long as i dont find a g/f before then, im gonna talk to Tory, Hannah, and maby this other kinda-tall-blonde chick... because, well, iv not only bein challenged to, but im sure out of those three, i could prolly come out of this taken.... or at least with a new number added to the cellphone ;)... of course, if your that chick whos bein secretly liking me *im getting all paranoid and worked-up now* then you had better email me about it before then!! and, if by some chance im jus dumb and blind and you hav bein emailing me as such, then maby next tyme when you email me, try having the subject/title thing be "I like you, you stupid piece of shit!" ... that should get my attention..... .. should?

well, im tired, and i feel cool, so im gonna try to sleep like this...

oh, and jill... well... im trying my hardest not to think about -that-.

nitenite fer nows


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