2002-08-17 @ 9:38 p.m.
Just A Day ~ Gonna have one trm too!

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Mood: That weird Yearning-Cuddly one ..?

Web Cam: Not yet, still working on it...

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My day was Okay

I woke up early, but later than I was supposed to, rushed to my appointment with the recruiters. Got all the info I need to plan fer my future ...

Basically, im going to college till mid-december. Then I either go fer another year, or go fer another year in the navys C4$H program, or go straight into the Navy ... if i stay fer another year, i either like college enough to pay fer it myself, or go with the C4$h program, or jus enlist on the spot ...

In any case in here, in college, fer at least those few months.

I wasted the rest of the day playing games n doing random chores iv negected .. Well, except fer calling Lacey's home, since Dawn was there, to tell her Happy-Birthday. That was fun :)

so yeah ... agin, i traded TV in for thinking, maby a good thing, maby not :) .. either way, iv seen a define improvement in my mood :D ...

Dawn got me into making Cartoon-Doll-Thingsyz ... I woke up jus out-of-the-blue at 5:30am and starting playing with them, making them, till 6:30 .. then fell asleep agin ... im nuts :))

At some point ill hav them on display!! You will all hav ph34r!

Im gonna go sign up fer a bunch of rings, and hope people find this .. im curious on how random passerbys will react. --> In any case, i want feedback! I crave attention! Email, guestbook, people-find my home phone, Anything!! *if you people-find my home phone, first I commend you fer being so much like me; then im hjving you arrested fer being so much like me ;) go figure*

so yeah .. rings next post even..?

till then->

I'll miss you lotz

*wants to cuddle, desparately*


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