2002-11-11 @ 10:08 p.m.
Jill~long day~work~gamewishing~I_Hate_Mondays

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I wake up at some time that was early, go to Jills, no jill, go to Dwights, try to pick up on Tiffany more.. made significant progress actually? *but whatever* then to Jillz agin ... spent 5 hours, missed both classes waiting for her. She ~finally~ shows up with a few stories from her trip, none being anything too bad.. dan is lame, like normal... but jill wont dump him quite yet ... damn her

she made me cry *grr* ... but i almost made her promise to go out with me after they were broken up. If she had; Id break them up >:)


*Ziku, the evil mindset, back in full function! w00t!*

then i went to work, 12 rejections out of 12 decisions. no bonus fer me :D

but i learned, which iz goooood

then home

I saw Katrin riding her bike home today.. *co-worker* maybe ill give her a ride one day :D

I decided that until Jill decides to do the right thing and fulfill her destiny, i might as well play the field.. cuz even if i find a chick and start being her b/f *which i wont*, unlike Jill, who obviously doesnt like me as much as i like her, i would dump whatever chick fer Jill. Like that. ~poof~ ... I kinda feel bad for Jennifer, but its half her fault, since the thought didnt occur to me until after her accusations ...

I cant wait till Game.

I totally cant wait.. Its SO fun .. Jeff was right *bizarrely*

Ack! I hav ph34r .. I seem to remember one of the signs of the apocalypse being that The Ffej makes a good point ... Eeep...


I dont like Gay people ... their too fruity...


well, obviously, i hav nothing else to say


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