2003-01-07 @ 12:33 a.m.
Proof -> Jill was wrong, and Evil. Now im happy.

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im making mulitple entrys a nite.. ppl beware! ... im making up for lost venting tyme... i hav alot of Grr to get out

And that lieing little bitch just got proven wrong! Jill DID, hear that, DID, as in a POSITIVE confirmation, DID agree to go out with me after breaking up with Dan !!!

But, i also realized...

My life was so happy, so content... then, two entrys later, im trying to commit suicide? WTF? and guess what happend in that middle entry... JILL!

fuck her! OMFG! shes so fucking awful, and now i have full proof!! full fucking proof!!!


I can finally move on, knowing that that little skank did want me, but then passed me up

lieing little whore.

Now, she can go fuck Dan all she fucking wants. *sigh* And I dont give a shit.


the only reason there going out is me

the only reason they kissed was me,

so she has a point when saying that they prolly didnt fuck cuz I didnt help convince him too ....

But that will change

and once he does, and then ruins her life... ill be happy

or theyll stay together, with is a fate worse than D34th for the both of them... fifthy lieing tricksy jill with boring NPC dan.. theyll both just sit complacent until the DM loses their character sheets ... hehehehehehe


now that thats over ...

it feels good, know the root of all your problems, and then cutting the lil motherfucker away from the vile sore its been feeding from

I just have to always remember

Never Turn Back

Never Regret

there are 6 billion ppl, 3.01 billion are female

thats about 3,000,000,000 chicks. One Lieing Twisted Crazy Bitch is not worth anything.


now im happy


http://fiendbynite.diaryland.com/021116_10.html<--thats the archive that proves me right

the sweetness


now im gonna go sleep or somethin


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