2003-02-19 @ 11:17 p.m.
Grr! , and all the day that goes with it?

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! who could resist? plus, its a midi imbued with the essense of H4rDC0r3, and


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i slept at dwights, woke up drunk :D drank more, helped alyssa pack-up her room n talked wit her alot... i think shes really starting to like me :D?

eventually dwights mom comes home, we move more stuff, then dwight n dwights dad arrive, more moving, lotsa moving... i remember that i havta goto the Navy Office at 3, so i dont drink after 11am...

finally, its around 2:30, i dont kno where my ride is coming from, panic.. alyssa agrees to take me, i get there at 3:30 *i calld in advice, told him i was gonna run late, and he didnt mind*

sat around, did some minor work until 5:30

got out, calld alyssa, she was busy wit keck n natalie, so i walked, laura calls, shes gonna ditch talking to me to go to the mall....?

i get 1/3 of the way home, call Jill, she agrees to talk to me... to i run to her home... i very long walk turns into a 25 minute run/jog/walk ...

i talk to her, tell her im gonna kick some ass, and is wondering if shes with or against me.... she said "im not with at all, but am willing to not-be against?" ..... so ill go easy on her a few days, maby a week or two.... but then im gonna drop the hammer and dispense some indiscrimnatant justice~!


i get home, clean my room alot *altho im not quite done, im chilin fer nows**

and thats about it

.. im all sad n stuff, cuz no one seems to love me back nearly as much as i love them... it pisses me off. I jus keep wishing, her i go agin, that someone would actually do that for me, and actually trust me like i trust them... grr at life

but I am gonna kick its ass... :D


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