2003-02-18 @ 11:16 p.m.
Drunk, life, enjoyment~ dont fuck wit yoda!!!!!

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too drunk, no status

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today im drunk

i woke up, dwight calld, went to kiels, saw jill helped cut her hair.. took, like, 1/2 an inch more off than she wanted so she bitched, i cryd, since i was only trying to help.... then she leaves, w/o telling me wheather or not she wanted me to fix everything?

talked with kiel.. apparently the campaign is ending, life is trying to change, and were gonna refuse

then i spend tyme wit laura, i kiis her a few tymes, other than that it was boring and unproductive

then i chill wit kiel n dwight.. talk a bunch, eat, then back wit laura

i get drunk! YaY!

then i realize my life is shit because im too bust fixing other things

so im gonna cut-back....

no more laura, alot less jill....

Me. lotsa Me.

then everything will be good agin... and i chick will hopefully see this, my life is sweet, n shell wanna join.. and ill like her.. and everything will be more-coolies!


or ill go into the Navy all l33t-i-fyd and enjoy life and yea

im done with act 1, no matter how much i try to stay

it tyme to move on, to advance, to gain skillz.... and besides, i can always come back to childhood, i jus cant stay there too long!

i love you all!


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