2003-02-17 @ 9:59 p.m.
My Life Is Falling Apart... Sweet! *dances a final jigg*

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Mood: My life is falling apart... YaY!!

Midi: no midi. Silence..... i have no midi to fit this....

Future: Depends on what other people do and say.

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oh boy.. my life is either -over- or about ot do that funky phoenix-type-thing :)

okay, sunday, gonna spend the day with laura... laura shows up early, which she wasnt supposed to do ...?

mom tells me that i now hav a curfew of 11:30 n all this other dumb shit.. or else im kicked out

i spend tyme with laura, and dwight awhile, but he ditches us fer everyone else

she had planned to stay the nite, he said she could still... we wait at my house watching TV n movies till about 1am ........ Eric Draven, from The Crow... hes a Zombie!! Eeek!

anywayz, dwight has everyone over for the nite too....... laura + everyone else isnt a good mix, since everyone hates her...

but dwight says that as long as she stays in alyssas room she'll be okay.... so, after some drama n laura-doubt, i get her to try it

we survive entry, get into the room, chill awhile, shes afraid to sleep w/o someone else around, since no one else is really as nice to her as me.... call my mom at 2am, shes hella pissd *shes also waiting up since that stupid curfew* ... she wants me home -now-

lauras not gonna sleep in a house full of ppl who hate her.... so i agree to stay... and we sleep together ;) .,.. no sex or nothing, jus a kiss or two, and sleep. but still, i got a lil edgy... if i were on the challenge, well, she'd be sorry for ever trusting me.... but i had willpower, n used it


we wake up in each others arms at around 9am... pack-up n leave before keck n everyone wakes up...

we walk to mesa, janenes, then mesa somemore.... finally we go to her g-pa's ; chill a bit n eat.. then her dads, we chill somemore, i help dye her hair black.. she showers n stuff.. comes out with this beautiful raven-black hair...... and i spend the next 30-60 minz all-over her before she hasta leave

its now about 3:10'ish

i go to kiels.. apparently jill got in a car accident, she doesnt have insurance and had a passengers *shes not allowed to do either*.... and the only eye-witness says its -her- fault! ...

so, shes fucked

chill wit the group till about 8, go home n talk to mom.. she lays down rules, has my room almost packed up 8shes gonna kick me out* ... and i have until about 8pm trm to decide where im living...

i talked to jill, shes still very fixed on not-loving me

so, this is gonna be sweet

im gonna talk to her trm

if she agrees to give me a chance, then ill turn my life around and earn lotsa money n stuff ... or she doesnt and i have -no- reason left to live!


im curious n excited ... finally, things are starting to reach a closure

so, as i said, things are getting crazyer... but i dont mind

so, im gonna sleep on my bed, which is missing it bedding-stuff since mom packed it... i get to sleep on a mattress... only ill hav a thin blanket over it for my own sake...



wish me luck!


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