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Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.


If anyone lives near me, they know how the evil weather came and rained and windyd and broke shit

it also made my power go out

it came on earlier today, as i was leaving

now im back, with Thursday, Friday and SATURDAY!!!


and i ph34r that the secret diary may be kinda done with... since it was Jennifers fault i had to make it :P

But First!

my days,


wake, skoo, eat, phil, find jennifer

she had broken up wit me, and i fixed (Oops) it ... cuz, im Seductive x4 ;) then CSc10, then more secudtion ... both classes had midterms, then i went to work

workworkwork, drive dirve dirve home

near jennifer home, prolly less than 20-30 yards, is the intersection of Winding Way and Dewey. Dewey later becomes Van Maren, which ends very very very close to my home. As im turning, i goin slow, since its raining heavy, im cautious and a lil sedate from so much doings that day, and theres road flares everywhere, which means somethins up : ... i turn slowly, and when i complete my turn, the car does not straighten. In fact, it continues turning.... i spin out, lateda, it was fun, and hella scary. I make a 270 degree arc : <- V -> ^ .. but not back to <- .... then i continue home, scared ... i realize that Kiels home *sees Jennifer readin this.. See Jennifer Tripping out... giggles* kiels home is much easyer to get to than myne, and since im scared shitless, i need some safeness *it never once occured to me to go to Jennifers* .......... J'ai Arriver; and i chill there and spend the nite.

Technically Friday, but i never sleep, me n kiel get in my car, since the storm is done storming. we go to Jack to eat, since the last meal i had was before Phil. ... we eat, we see a hot chick.. she comes back later with a friend, we follow then home.. nothin happend *shoot!* ... thenwe get gas, then go to Safeway. I buy a 5 gal jug, 2 gallons of milk, one gallon of choclate milk, 48 oz of chocolate syrup, a quart of Mocha Mix creamer, and a starbucks double-shot-energy-drink. I become a Safeway club member :D

we return to Kiels, and create a most awesome drink. We decide its name, became 'Only In America' can you go to a supermarket at 3am, buy all sorts of weird shit, hit-on the cute stock-girl, and create such a coolies drink, and drive into a 3ft deep puddle going 45 miles an hour, without causing a revolution or somethin' .... the name became $~ Only In America ~$

I slept with kiel. kinda like if we sat in the same room, wed be sitting together. We slept in the same room, therefore, we slept together :D

Friday, fer reals

no power means to technology. No technology means no hot water. No hot water means an unshaven slight more aromomic Me. But no one minded ;)

went on a coffee run fer gran, bought 9 lbs of ice n stuffed the fridge *to keep the contents fresh* and then went to kiels.

i spent the day having fun, i cant remember exactly what happened ... but i ended up at my home with Jill. we had a candle light dinner, w/ McDonalds, on my bed. It was bizarrely romantic. Speaking of which, iv bein meaning to call Jennifer. Hopefully, she'll be OK w/ jus friends :)

i take Jill home, and sleep...


i wake up, realize, in fact, the hot water in GAS operated :D ha, silly me .... so then i emerge from the shower fresh :D w00t!!! then i go to kiels. then to dwights, then to mesa, where we had foam-covered-dido/katanas , and had duels. My first few fights, since i learn much faster than everyone, went well... then, i stopped learning, and suckd. then to kiels, dwights, jordans, myne, and CJz home; in random recurring orders. then to game, which was Hella fun

made a character for Exalted *another RPG* ... Ziku . Shes back. *I Love Her* .. *oh, by the way, in case you didnt kno, shes a RPG character i made up, that by some bizarre chance wasnt vamp-food... she was supposed to die within 15 seconds of her conception. and instead, has survived 4 years. *sigh*

I also love, Jill, Kiel, My family, and cat, Katie *the dog*, and My Car.

Well, I think Jennifer hasnt worked out.

everyone i know, even ppl who arent my friends agree, Dump Jennifer. the three reasons *actually four, but no one hears 4* that instantly get that reaction indiviadually.

1.) Cant hang out w/ Jill

2.) She doesnt like me going to game

3.) shes paranoid about me w/ other chicks

4.) She reminded me about how i like Jill. Alot. ;)


and it prolly wouldnt have happened if she hadnt made me think about it. See, she told me a was bad, and i had to find a reason why she was wrong. I thought, and thought, and decided that she was actualy right; but not fer any reason she could have given.

so yeah :D

I feel kinda bad, and I do wanna be her friend still. I have alot to offer, seriously, im very useful. Im jus not gonna be her b/f.


and, if you hadnt guessed, no power also = no porn. and my imagination has bin getting lazy. .... so im really 'glad' my puter is good agin... ;)

the past few nights have bein really 'hard' on me *Lolz!*

so yeah

and nothing i need to post in my secret diary :D


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