2002-11-18 @ 10:55 p.m.
Coolies Rockin Day Fsck all the Lameness In its Ass ~ destiny; arrived

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Iv decided on a few things.

The first id like to mention, i can hit on your girlfriend. Why? Because I can :D .. and i can also tell her I love her; agin, because i can!

Next, college is gay. I woke up today, planning on my normal half-busy routine, lateda.. i call jordan, and he says one line "Thought about the Navy" ... i stand in awe. I realize that my uncoolies-overstressed life is worth more than im getting paid. So im joining the Navy as a Crytologist :D hehehe...

... now for the storyline

I wake up, decide my day, call jordan, goto kiels, talk to piper *lilly* .. *rant later* .. chill, more ppl show up around 1:30, more chilling, dido-fights, everyone arives *3'ish* we chill, but no kiel...? we all drive *all being 10'ish ppl in 4 *four* cars to lauras to rescue kiel ... but kiel wasnt there??? so we all go back to kiels, and chill.. kiel arrives, we chill... *4'ish* laura calls, before that i calld in sick, um ... oh yeah

Piper asks fer a ride downtown *I & 25th street to be exact* so we do that .. lots of talking... she wants a piece *Verbal conformation* .. but she wants kiel more -> not the point

basically, more self-realization. Scary amounts of self-realization

*my finger hurts, jordan broke it las week.. stupid fscker*

so then we go to dwights, arivve at around 7

those bitches were playing Exalted without me..

breif chill'in then me jordan CJ and natalie *dwights sisters friend* and dwights sister -> alyssa go to DelTaco

we eat, got to dwights

lots of sitting around; drama with kiel/laura/piper/ and two other fools over the phone

then everyone goes home

i take jordon n piper to jordans, piper n kiel hav some kind of emotional'ish talk *can relate* then i take kiel to his home

see jill breifly, shes talking to Dan online, i hit on her, feel her up *not really*, and tell her i love her while hes typing *Laughs, oh so much laughing*

then i go home

talk to mom, she doesnt like Navy, but she realizes itz what best is myne .. she tried insisting technical skoo; but it didnt work

and now im here


Lacey shouldnt complain, id rather be a kid agin. I used to love those dumb fools, who'd yell scream, argue ... Id never stop to talk, never even glance. Id remark, a witty quip, a one liner .. "What a faggot, so wimpy, likes girl stuff, wearing lipstick" -> "Well at least I dont play Football *Insert IC & OOC LOLZ*"

so yeah, you'll survive Lacey, and spend the next few weeks exp on social n mental traits :D

If your ever tocuhed, pushed ... tattle, and remind them calmly that pushing is both a felony *assault* and proof that they are stupid :D

Or tell me, because my car drives faster than second degree murder ;) :D

And much faster than Assualt & Battery charges ;) :D :)

~but anywayz~

so yeah, my life is gonnna rock



trm i hsavta go drop-out


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