2002-11-18 @ 1:22 a.m.
i whole bunch of day ~Game-then-sucksxdASS ~-n-Jill

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i woke up kissing my pillow; i think my brain said it was either that girl at dwights, or Jill ... brain couldnt decide? called around, went to kiels, dwights, etc ... , then game

somewhere in there i got to talk to Jill; agin, i think im starting to win :D

but then at Game, ruined my week :(

okay, i get there, and decide im gonna avoid using willpower, so that it regenerates. well, Jeff starts getting whooped on, so im like "Kiel, my body goes limp and i form a telepathic link" so then i float in to see jeff die. fsck. so kiel carrys me off to the Chantry, then i spend the nite floating around. I burnt the will, damn, but at least i dont havta worry about dying, right :D? ..RIGHT???!?!?! .... nope

i sit around fer, like, 15-30 mins waiting fer Dave *storyteller* to start the scene, he tells me im not in... okay, its jus a weird thing cuz of my l33t Auspex? .. he pulls me aside, informs me of my death. fsck. it happened cuz my body took enough damage in one round to kill me.

later, i find that none of the Chantry was broken into. Someone either had a key, or had crazy-l33t powers. Only two people in that city hav the key. Anthony, and Josh. Anthony didnt sell me out, im WAY too valueable... so josh did .. or a was raped by a wriath or Garou. In the two later cases; they had no reason whatsoever... they didnt even kno i exist and prolly would have attacked my silver-string before the me-me. so fsck them, hard. i spent the rest of the nite OOC, trying to decide what to play.

larer, me n kiel got a really cool way to show ppl EXACTLY how to play a vampire ... i mean, normally, it should take thousands of years to slowly fsck with each other... in game, ppl jus walk up n kill u, like it was nothing, cuz they are all fags. Well, me n kiel are playing two characters pitter against each other in order to fsck w/ each other slowly n constantly over the course of a very very long time.

It will be fun

hopefully i can hav Kit Cage , my saturday day game char transferred to sunday, where i can supply guns n shit, and then do my cool me-kiel idea on saturday .. or maby jus partially-retire Kit Cage till after my other char dies *which may very well be never*

so yeah


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