2002-11-22 @ 12:37 a.m.
a few dayze~sorry bout that, i didnt mean too~my life iz soo coolies :)

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its bein a weird few dayz.. i havta check my diary to see where i left off :)


okay.. well ... that was what, monday??

today; oh my

so that tuesday after, i wake up

call lacey

chill at jillz

hang out w/ lots of ppls

i think me, kiel, tina, n lilly were all in the car, driving alot, we played the secret game.. we all exchanged secrets

i cant talk about it in too much depth, cuz thats breaking the rules, but it was a very interesting nite

and since its my diary- i can tell a few things

i kissed lilly

it was weird, cuz i couldnt believe i did it afterwards

i didnt sleep

the next day, which came too soon

i drove jill to some ARC thing

then slept in her bed *too bad she had to go to skoo*

got woked-up and chill w/ pplz

convinced jillto dump dan, full on, even hav a working plan :) i kissed her alot *hehehe*

then lilly calls, i didnt kno she left .. jill told me im supposed to go make her feel better

so i go hang out w/ her

we drive alot

we end up making out alot *first tyme iv ever kissed two girls in one day*

then we go to jordans and slept

together, but not really *same as when me n kiel slept together*

got ok sleep, only bout 7 hrz

went home, showerd, slept

went to aprils w/ jordan n lilly

chilld, watched "Snatch" , it was a coolies movies

then i went to the Navy recruiter

got hooked up w/ the info, got a packet full of info i dont kno quite really

if i become a CT like i want to *cryptolocial-stuff* then i cant type bout my job anymore :P

but yeah, so i havta fill out SO much stuff in regards to this


talked to jill after the recruiter-meeting .. got another kiss :)

now im here, after filling out as much packet as possible


my thoughts are kinda tired

but i kno this is what im gonna do w/ my life

i think i hav some kind of l33t-kissing skill i was never aware of ... after that kiss, lilly wants to make a slightly more permanent relationship ... i dont kno .. i think i hav some kind of crazy skill, cuz that happens to whoever i kiss

I feel the need to test my hypothesis

but yet, i kinda dont want to... cuz jus kissing ppl iz kinda odd

but oh well :D

trm i havta go turn in the packet

; i also am going to a free concert/party or somethin..? its FREE, whatever :D

tonite i havta sleep

on monday i talk to the recruiter more; on tuesday i have my physical

sat/sun are game, no fsckin w/ game

prolly gonna play a gangel, backup for jeff, im gonna have l33t influences n crafts n shit

so yeah

im havin fun :)


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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