2003-02-11 @ 7:22 p.m.
jill~day~hate life~laura~and that fantasy?

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Midi: sad, yet kinda harmonous... hating life, but still trying to live it.

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i didnt sleep las nite

i blew the challenge, bit my nails, cryd some.... nervous out of my mind

6:30 rolls around, i get ready n walk to jills

it was reliving another memory... so long ago i would walk in the cold morning to see her, jus like i did today... i got there, almost had to stabb janene, cryd some.. told her about my nite, gave her the note...

she left, i slept on her bed fer a few hours.. dwight calls, janene gets there fer her lunch break

i walk to dwight, we walk back, janene leaves w/o letting us in.... but skoo lets out, we find jeff, dwight tells him about how alidia was cheating, i see jill

i chill in da house a bit, go upstairs... jill comes after, like, an hour.. w talk a few minutes... her reply was pacification "i want you to not affect my life" ... yea...

but im ownzd...

then i sit around wit jeff, kiel, n dwight...

i practice stabbin wit a knife n chopstick.. i get pretty good :D

me n dwight go to the skoo n see keck fer a sec... then go to kiels agin, go to carls jr... chill, see alyssa n natalie... finish eating..

me, jeff n dwight walk to home, we split up to go to each of our own homes...

on the way laura calls, shes ay lonnyz... i get here, start typing an entry, and she shows up

she here... but not close to da screen

im really hope jill starts liking me.... she wont tho.

that perfect fantasie ... only a fantasy.


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