2003-02-11 @ 12:17 a.m.
Jillian Came Back ...?

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Midi: music fer the mood... i feel all accomplished and that almost true-happyness

Future: That perfect fantasy, true happiness, and all that other crap I messed up..... one more chance?

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okay, today was crazy

dwight calls n wakes me up.. i hate laura today, so im a lil grr ... he was gonna re-call at 1:30, doesnt till 2:15, when i call him.. i end up taking a shower n such, calling Dominque *the cute girl i took to prom* .. shes taken, has bein having a fairly good life, and kept calling me and/or things involving me 'cute'? .. anyways->

dwight brings laura over, we go walking, laura leaves us after dwight says either your getting a rid now *its, like 4:45* or were ditching you at 6 .....

so shes gone, we go to kiels, chill, get dropped off at carls jr by kiel *who now has a permit n drives* .......... yea...

okay, back to the day->

then we try to eat 5 burgers, but cant, call around, jill calls me grr'ing about how i talked to janene? ... me n dwight find jeff, jeff eats some food, dwight gets his dads car, drops jeff off, then me at home; hes gonna talk to jill ..? oh god...

he calls me in the middle of playing Chrono Trigger.... he has info for me...?

he says jill still loves me, and she'd consider me if i wasnt so un-coolies and if i grew up

i try to resist... but .. well

i love her, i cant stop, i cant get rid of her.......

so now im sitting here in a wonderful fantasy of our lives together, everything being so perfect ...

im gonna give her a note i wrote

im wondering if reality will follow my fantasys example?


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