2003-02-11 @ 11:13 p.m.
lameness overwhelming ... why cant this jus settle?

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Midi: sad, yet kinda harmonous... fighting for whats right, but wishing it didnt come to this

Future: Jill, then Laura, then d34th. ... so basically i start checking Sominex prices.

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so shortly after posting that i get to make out wit laura, she eats some food, then leaves; dwight n jeff show up, we go to kiels

lotsa ppl there, keck, kiel, natalie, alyssa, jill, dwight, JQ, n me. ... chill a bit, then keck has this project thing to do, he goes to the skoo, does some film, i run off, end up being ditched... i goto kiels, jill is in the shower, so i leave.. i call at dwights, keck n alyssa are there, no dwight... i go home

dwight calls not to long after i arrive.. he comes over, we drive around a bit, then come home... now im here

i wrote jill another note, this one getting more serious n to the point

i told her i need an exact set of goals n actions, and set dates, because im not gonna have what happend last tyme happen....

im gonna give it to her trm before skoo hopefully... if i wake up in tyme?

im very fatigued


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