2002-08-12 @ 10:16 p.m.
Linux, San Fransisco, and my own thoughts

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Food: *crys* I wanted Sushi...!

Mood: *crys* I wanted Sushi...!

Future: Becky, no explaination needed :">

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Today was The LinuxWorld Expo thing ... I didnt sleep las nite, cuz I only would'a gotten 2-3 hours, we left at 5:30am'ish ... picked up Jill, and then headed for the train station.

It was lame, waiting there a bit fer the train, I had to sit across from mmichael n mom fer 2-3 hourz on da train... I talked and said very awful things to them to shut them up, or else Id havta hear them talk, which iz worse. We get off the train at Emeryville station, then on a Bus to Mascone something or other .. Me n Jill sat away from mom n michael, It very relieving trip. We arrived at that place, and we got in, and we were registering. The whole thing was lame n disorganized, we were the first to use those computers to register, so we found all the problems wrong with the server .. and we were overcharged .. and they needed photo ID, which I had not brought, thinking things would be simple, like last tyme! ... Once we were almost complete, we find out that the exhibit floor isnt open today, and that was the only reason we were even there! ... So obviously, we had come for nothing.

But see, I am L33t, my hardcore-genius quickly saved the day .. We went to the Meteron *or something like that, cant remember spelling* .. Its one'a the coolies'est places iv ever bein. We spent the day there, hehe... it was a kinda long day, everyone kept losing each other n stuff.. but it was okay. The only reason I went is cuz I wanted Sushi, but no one cares about me enough to come eat with me, and no one *including me* wanted to sit while I only ate. So we decided to take the earlyer bus-train home .. I got no Sushi, the day was ruined.

The trip home was less-fun than the trip there. On the bus, i was bored so very much... On the train, there was no table separating between mom-michael -n- me-jill ... I tryed to sleep, and all I really got was an achey-sore neck ... and a bit of a headache.

We finally got back to Sacramento, and when we left the train a rush of evil-heat punches us in the heads ... I remember why I hate living here all over agin, and then we get in the hot-siting-in-sun-car .. ack! .... We go to Wendys and eat, saw Hendrix there, that was cool ... mom dropped Jill off, and we came home.

I had a much better idea of what could have happened today-> I slept, or I had Sushi ... Neither happened, so technically today was a loss. But being in San Fransisco was very enjoyable, just -being- there, so things kinda balanced out .. I have mixed feelings toward today .. it was Okay...

I was bored today, which means thinking .. and thinking leads to conclusions and solutions ... And the one I hav chosen got more defined, more coolies ... oh yes indeed. That was another reason today doesnt seem that bad :D

I missed being online and talking to all the people id rather talk to than mom-michael ... I am -never- going on a trip with them unless I bring some one/thing that can keep me occupied and has a higher volume setting than michael .. either a CD-Player, or jeff ...

I might had fixed Jill'd current Dan-problem .. they could quite possibly be getting together soon because of me ... also a mixed-feeling part of today ... but at the same tyme, it defines things, clarifyes my role and purpose. I realized that even tho I hurt everyone and destroy peoples lives .. Itz by design, i am the hand of destiny, and every tyme iv done something like that, or even when Im nice, i change peoples lives ... I mean, it may not be me directly, but who among you can say that their life has not changed since meeting me? .. Well, i cant think of who that'd be .. :D

Still looking forward to Wednesday. Tuesday however iz gonna be really lame ... Really Lame ... Im gonna havta get a physical i think .. which means someone i dont know will be touching me ... everywhere ... I am really dreading this. I do not want to be touched, I am going to ask if that part iz skippable ; I mean, I know myself, I have contact with it frequently.. It has not changed in function or design since it was embarrassingly checked last time.. those many years ago .. well, its bigger, obviously, but only by an inch or few, and that doesnt mean much. it kept the same scale, growing in width equivilant and proportional to length, so the structural specifications should still be accurate ..? In any case, I dont not want this. I Do Not.

Hopefully im being paranoid and all there gonna do is weight me, check my height, and perform a pee-test .. I wouldnt mind that at all!

well, im gonna go ...

*went; watched some documentary-thing on Drew Barrymore; back*

im online, thats about it .. ill be sleeping laterz?


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