2002-08-13 @ 9:59 p.m.
I had perfect vision... Yesterday

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Mood: My day was kinda lame, but im very happy anywayz :D

Game: Nesticle ; Tyrian, Tyrian II, Tyrian 2000

Future: Navy, CSUS, or A-Blazin'

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I had a day today.

I didnt go to the normal-doctor today.. :D only the eye n teeth onez ... I had to fscking wake up at 8am .. cuz we had to leave at 8:30.. the appointment was at nine ...

It really fscking suckd .. i went the the eye-fool first .. did all those test-thingy, looked thru that machine, the ->(which is clearer, this ...*click*... or this?) ... and then he went and pulled it away, the whole world was fuzzy agin .. i was stunned, i had perfect vision.. yesterday .. I hav a stigmatism, just like everyone else in my family.. i thought i had avoided it, i was the lucky one .. nope. so now i need glasses, for reading and driving ... My prescription will be ready in a week or 2 ...

Then the teeth fool .. got X-rayed, then my teeth polished... he scapes at the insides of my mouth with the pokey-scrapey-tool, and in the process, found a third cavity... I yelped in front of that Cute Blonde Dental-Assistant .. im so lame :)) .. in the end i left with a bloody mouth, a nasty-chemical taste, and another appointment to do more work in there ...

Most of today, before and after each appointment, iv bein playing Nintendo .. yes ~Nintendo~ .. the one that came out in the early '80z *'82 or '83 i think* .. the games:

Bubble Bobble 2 *i want the first one!*

1943: battle of midway

Rainbow Islands *made me think of Becky, im hooked*

Kirby *-> the first, the original, the RPG*

Iv had fun today.. also kinda rekindled my interest in playing Tyrian 2000 ... i d/led it a few minz ago ... Im looking forward to an appointment with a Navy recruiter, and maby, jus maby, ill get to visit Becky *sighs dreamily*

so thats bout it ...


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