2002-08-11 @ 11:04 p.m.
hardcore, and still sore

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Mood: Insightful, cuz of my skillz

Cereal: Fruitandibly Oh'z ??? wtf??

Person: Becky, no explaination needed :">

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I fell asleep, thought bout stuff, woke up, and am now watching Sunday Star Trek : TNG Marathon! w00t!!

Iv bein thinking alot ... i dunno. I walked fer 7-8 hours ; midnite'ish to 8am'ish .. no company, jus my own thoughts .. cant sleep, cuz im moving ... and so i thought alot ... then came the fatigue and dehydration, since the water ran out long before I would hav liked it to ... and so I had alot of thought flowing thru my head. Then I had a really long talk with Jill, that was very interesting ... I learned more about the nature of everything, and then slept on it ...

I woke up to a whole bunch of ideas, and im still thinking about them now. Here are some of my conclusions->

Im looking for a quick way to get what I want, and Im willing to go as hardcore as required to fulfill it.

However, thats not the solution. I always want to run, drive fast, or ride faster, its a kinda theme with me, and I realize:

Sometimes you just havta walk.

And that life isnt about goals, its about experences and achievement

Goals point you in the right direction, they give you focus, but they aren't the actual accomplishment, its -doing-, not arriving.

In any case, im gonna think about this :))

Becky sent me this site with all this cool rave stuff .. i want, i want .. *sigh* i need fundz, mad ca$h ... but still, this whole thing looks very fun.

Im gonna try to do something useful every day, get something accomplished instead of lyin around thinking n waiting ...

Tomarrow im gonna lye around, or go to the Linux convention, i havnt decided ...

I might get to go visit Becky on wednesday!! im very happy :D:D:D

im gonna click 'done!' now ..


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