2003-03-01 @ 11:24 p.m.
today, jill, kiel, d2, and nothing much else worth living for...

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As for today

i woke up to dwight calling, but instead of dealing with it, i slept kinda till 1:30 ... mom wasnt done wit the phone, so fsck her

went ot kiels, chillin, saw janas cute lil 12 yr old friend, who i think might want me...

watched kiel play d2 awhile, talked to jill watching her play d2 awhile, talked to her a lil about the us-ness... Laura's using the skillz i taight and the plans i devised to break jill/dan up... sweet... jill got pissed at me tho... i cant keep anything from her anymore.

I wish Jill could just realize everything, what she means to me, how good things will be, remember how it felt when she was in this position... but no, instead she pretends to love dan and would rather me die then to ever come back to me... i came close to crying, but didnt... slowly building my defense up

then she had to go... she has these recital things once a year.. she usually went with me every year..... she didnt even invite dan... i wish she did, that way he could ruin it and prove me right... she didnt even bother

then more kiel, d2, we went to jack, drama wit natalie..

i got to play d2 fer awhile, got CooliesBowChick past hell, so now i hav cow lvling to do

shes lvl 19, sweetness

didnt work on the armor today... i want to get more tools for it... grr at my poorness

and now theirs some problems with the CD Keys... kiel n dwight cant be on at the same tyme... we need to buy another copy to d2. fsck

now, since theirs nothing left for me in life... im gonna play d2



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