2003-03-01 @ 11:22 p.m.
las nite

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mom is dumb, told me i cant go online, so im typing in notepad

today i woke up early, expecting therapy... i got up at, like, 9:30

gran calld miller n such, found out mom iz dumb, didnt get the appointment, so itll now be march 7th

then i buried moms papers, did some other 30 sec chores, playd a lil d2, went to kiels.. saw jill

talked to jill, i think im winning... i can see that lil spark in her eye agin... im beating the zombies :D

then some wasted tyme at kiels.. like, 4-6 hours it felt like

Alyssa came over, i think she wants to too... its a lil weird...

finally, kecks over, dwight n mandy, .. janene trips out all crazy-like, for no reason, like jus walks up and bitches..? so we leave, go to kecks

chill there for a bit... i keep getting this look from mandy... wtf is wrong with girls?

then, they start to head to JQ party, the one they almost didnt invite me to, but then decided that was rude, so instead they said i could go, if i did everything they told me too the instant they said it. ? ... no, im sorry, i hav a defiance issue... they arent in control, i havta remind them that.. i didnt go

instead i came home, did some d2, workd on the armor... it turns out that the japs didnt even bother to weld it... they folded over a strip of the top-hood and clamped it, then glued it.... i peel away the glue-age and force that metal-lip upwards, and now i hav 1/4 of that top-hood un-attached ... 3 more sides, wont be too hard

then more d2

got my amazon her names CooliesBowChick up to lvl16 and into hell difficulty ... im rox'ing

soon i will do hell-cows wit her, and get incredible amounts of exp

iv decided my other sorc will be used when the other ppl catch up wit me in lvl... kiels, like, lvl 10'ish.. dwights was i think lvl2 ... they hav quite a ways to go

and now, since im not online, i hav no news, im gonna go


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