2003-03-02 @ 10:45 p.m.
a fairly cool day ~ and so i typed?

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people keep wanting the phone, ill type in Notepad awhile

so today i wake up, dwight calld n such, i play some D2, end up leaving with dwight n dwights mom to go shopping... D2 battlechest isnt in stock, so youd havta buy norm n exp separate, totaling $60 .. fsck!

but, im broke, i wanna do oddjobs.. i hav all sorts of useless lil skills n shit.. i could build any basic system out of junk.. *sigh* ... so much skillz, no money-making way to use them

so, back to my day->

we go to all these store try to buy dwight a white outfit, he gets a new black one... *note on dwight, he wears the same exact clothes, washes them every day... all black**

so, then we go to dwights new home, he gets his dads car, we go cruzing, find kiel, n keck,.. try to r0x on CJ, but there was drama, CJ owe'd keck money, lateda -> no beat-down ..

this funky old dude hella almost hits us, then when we stop, he drives backwards hella fast n swirvy n crazy-like, runs up on us, keep saying shit like "you got a problem, boy?" ... dwight was confuzed, and so he didnt r0x on that guy... the guy yelled at keck, for no reason i could see.. the dud was drunk prolly... then, he runs into his car n drives off... i suggest to follow, they instead resume course to give natalie her chapstick? ... everyone realizes we should have r0xd him, we try to hunt for him, but didnt find him..

then later we decide to try n r0x on some other fool... awhile back kiel hit him w/ the dildoe, and hes and all-around jerk.. but keck n dwight didnt... i dont kno why..?

so, the nites over, everyone but me n kiel say "were a lil girl, going home" ... its sad, me n kiel were more into the r0x'ing than anyone.............?

so, thats it... interesting day, short entry


jill prolly having sex with dan, duh, the only reason she does stuff.. i kno her too well... it makes me sick.. i wanna die.. but theres this new feeling, its like a shield, a permanent casing of my soul that makes me kno shes bad for me... like how getting punched alot at first messes you up, but then you gain resistence... its emotional dampening :D its kinda nice... i dont want to be over jill, i love her and know how perfect and happy things can be...... .. but it takes her, and shes not into it.. w/o her its nothing, so knowing this makes me not wanna pursue nothing ... and fsck Miller, it seems like im fixing my life w/o him ... ? of course, this 7th thing prolly wont follow thru cuz moms dumb...

speaking of which, i wonder iof the phone is free?

*** Its free! YaY! ***

ok, no email, no one but becky online .... i hav friends lists with 70 ppl each over 3 msgrz.. and only one or two ppl are ever on.. and its the -same- one or two ppl

but Becky r0x, as you all hav seen from the past entrys.. the only person who has managed top stay in my favor for the entire tyme iv known her :)

iv bein thinking about her lately... it pisses me off that shes so far away, cuz if she wasnt .. yea, things would rock ;) :D ... but instead were 300 miles apart, which is considerably farther than i can walk... .. well, that gives me an idea.. hehe.. hehe.. maby find a backstreet way down there and H4rDc0r3 it all the way there.. .. :)

but, on a more serious note, shes so awesome, and it does suck for her to not-like-me-like-that .. shes also the only one i believe when she says that.. *hard to describe that thought -> moving on*

um.. but other than that.. i hav CooliesBowChick, who is approching lvl60 *i dont remember her lvl, i feel awful, like when you'd forget an anniversary or something, fsck* .. but i kno i saw 55 at some point soon, and i kno shes -not- at 60 yet... so yea

im gonna go... i want feedback! i want feedback!!!

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