2003-03-03 @ 10:29 p.m.
day~day~day~ i had a day~ life is shit, but its fairly enjoyable shit

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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Today was.. Um...

im awake maby all of one minute.. i cant open my mouth yet even, had -just- gotten online.. omg.. Dwight walks in

hes glad i decided against a moring spank-it

anywayz-> so i get ready hella quick, he got these two other ppl, Sparky n some girl he doesnt quite kno named Christina... hehe

so of course, i use my skillz, only the earlyness means i cant tell exactly how much H4rDC0r3 im bidding on a challenge.. i got the right amt tho, cuz i tihnk she was diggin me *says dwight, so im not crazy* ... i told him to make sure my cell number gets to her ;)

so then i had some day, got home n ate, then kiel in his Rabbit shows up, we get dwight, chill awhile, i talk wit jill a bit.. i think im starting to realize what happend.. and its lame, but fsck life


so we play Star Wars a bit, but i dun wanna, so then ppl show up, we go to eat at Felipes, chill, saw Tina n said hi, got some jordan/april update... not even getting into that ~

so then since were wit Tim, we go take dwight home, stop by Best buy n Barnes n Noble, then dropped travis.. they dido-fighted awhile, then the nite ended wit me n kiel goin home

now im here

hav some rant

but i hav, like, 6 chat windows open.. i feel important agin


but, about Jill... i think she knows about the destiny, about our future, but instead has turned to the dark side, and is ignoring it for what she thinks is a greater happiness..... basically what i did 2 years ago when i destroyed my life ~

so im thinking the only way she'd -ever- come back is if, she, like, died or something.... so im giving up

im accepting an inferior life


another rant tho ~

The cell phone, im very loose wit the cellphone... if you see the number, then you can call, altho at, like 2am id prefer you had a reason *counts interested-female as a good-enough reason**

um, you can even give it away if you'd like! just dont prank-call or whatever, cuz calls do take battery power, and i only get to recharge at nite usually


now im gonna chat, play d2, spank it, sleep, eat, or something thats not too interesting :D


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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