2003-01-16 @ 3:17 a.m.
Drunken Entry ~ and i didnt buff cock!

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Mood: oddly fulfilled...?


Sin: Im so drunk, but i feel so good. Like, as if all my troubles were, well, dull??

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Im really really drunk, to the point of funnyness ... and i feel really bad, cuz now Christiana wont like me .. but im gonna use this opportunity to type, not repent

first, im afraid i might have actually kissed kiel, since everyone kept talking about it, and laughing, and i remember him saying somethin about me being too aggresive .. nnot the point

i said stuff to everyone to piss them off, which sux, cuz their my friends

I did NOT buff kiels cock! i feel proud

Im really scared that Ali wont like me.. she was so cute too *sigh* ...

Iv decided that TWO factors must be present, and then i drink .. 1) girls not liking me, to an exceptional degree..... 2) my car in the shop

the first tyme, ashley *and everyone else*, and my car needed shock n strut replaced ... now, everyone, jill, everyone else ... and my car needs even more


*deletes a line about dawn, realizing what i was typing*

See! i didnt buff cock!

Im really afraid to reply to Christiana right now

like, alot

ill type something dumb, like, really dumb

las tyme, i only drank 1 1/2 cups of beer *bout 20 oz .. * and a sprite mixed with 3 oz of barcardi

tonite, i drank 9 chugs *not shot, chug* of Vodka, 3 cups of vodka n code red, *bout 4-6 oz of vodka total* , random kaulua and So.Co. .. oh god, im fsckd up!

Eeep.. mouth dry, need water

*back, feeling better and WORSE*

but, i accomplished my mission ... i cant fully rmember my problems enough to justify being this drunk

im happy :)

im really sorry ALi, but if i were dating you, this wouldnt hav happend *laughs, knowing that wasnt the right thing to say, but its oddly true?*

i looked up, saw typos.. i want these typos tho.. they prove myu point!! so no more looking up :)

Tina, the jordans sister who jus turnd 21, bought two bottles of vodka, one of soco, and i had kaulua, plus there was sodas and mixer n chaser ... i love being happy

I hate jill ... i almost said we fucked too!

but, im smart enough to trick them stiill... even drubnk!!

i can keep secrets while drunk, that how l33t sillzd i am :D

i really hope Ali doesnt hate me ... shit

i feel dunb now

i hate Ashley .. if it werent fer her, i wouldnt hav gone to that grad-party, and i wouldnt hav felt so lame that nite as tpo drink myself stupid and even want to do this shit agin

Girls are so awful...

they think they can jus use you n manipulate you into their little scheme of things.. but, since i rarely conform to their schemes, im quickly dosmissed

i refuse to lie, refuse to fit into someone else mold

I am H4rDC0r3 JonNy G, and i will say that way until someone comes along whos willing to accept it

and if Ali wants to iggy me fer this, or fer not doing what she wants, then fine!! she can go think about all these other stupid guys who look like angogonous *meaning, unisex, or un-sexed* clones of the same gay-ass backstreet boy ... cuz, i really dont what to live up to someone elses reputation... if you want to except something from me, than expect to get a fatty handful of me! cuz thats the only thing i want to give

of core, trm, im gonna debate eraseing some/all of this.. fearing someone else read it ... cuz im a little w34k ass bitch who wants to be loved soo bad hed kiss -kiel-


i suck


i need to sleep

or drink alot of water n pee

or both

nitenite cutey


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