2003-02-12 @ 10:33 p.m.
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Midi: begins all suspence-like, but is still dominated by the sad-I-Love-You-ness ...

Future: Jill, then Laura, then d34th. ... I gave jill my $10 i saved for Sominex tho

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i wake up early cuz laura callsd,

then call fer jill, gonna try n tell her i hav a note :D?.... but no, she leaves w/o calling me back

i wake up agin cuz my recruiter calls, he tells me im bad fer not calling mondays *fsck!* ...... i move not to long afterwards... get ready, and walk in the rain to jillz home *which happens to also be kiels home*

i get there, shes the last to arrive, i give her the note, we all chill... eventually i go upstairs hoping she'll actually care n talk to me

she goes up, gets her stuff cuz shes gonna leave... theres a surprize party fer Magdalene, and she hasta go... shes leaves.

later shes back, and being mean... well, i tell her that i was sad n stuff cuz i didnt kno she had to leave so quick n she was gonna wait till later to write back... she stops bein mean a lil

lateda, some day

i go hang out wit laura a bit, but hafta go, i have to be at the recruiting office by 4pm

i call Alyssa, who i think is starting to like me equal/more than keck, and she gives me a ride, i give her a dollar... i got there 30 minz early

i talk to laura till its tyme, then talk to the recruiters, i havta do 2 watchs instead of one *a watch is where i sit around n do bitchwork for about two hours to prove .... something?*

then i talk to laura, her ILP thing is at 5:30, at Bela Vista.... the Navy Office is really close, so i tell her ill meet her

i walk the LONG way around, but get there before her *i ran some* ... we meet up, talk a bit, hug alot, then i call around fer a ride

keck wont do it... i dunno why? .... dwight has no car, alyssas at work.. well, theres Jill and her Corsica *shudders, the evilness dripping from its evil everything* ... so she says yes, since she feels bad for me hjaving to walk so far on my gimp-broken leg *alyssa pushed me off a wall-thing yesterday, i landed on the knee... she was playing around, so was I, i didnt mind, i mean, she did -touch- me, and thats a good thing :D?** so yeah, jill arrives wit magdalene, they both proceed to try n get to me... jill wasnt really doing anything, it was all magdalene.. at first i shrug it off, i talk to jill :) ....

but then i start laying in on magdalene... i ownz0rz on her, and it pisses off jill alot....

so shes yelling n shit, drops me off, and now she hates me agin...

but, a revalation

Dwight might be wrong; shes prolly and evil lieing slut :)

see, shes told him "if he grew-up id date him" .. she claims to never had said that, but instead say " id -NEVER- date him, and he should grow up" ........ Dwight has bent the truth a lil, but when its serious, and when asked directly, he says it exact.... this was exact. So, she either lied to me, or him... either way, ill give her a chance to give me an explaination... but shes prolly just an evil lieing slut :D

I Hate Life

lauras liking me more n more tho... im wondering if i should start paying more attention to that quest??

i wrote jill a third note, this one getting even more exacting n grr'ing.. but at the same tyme keeping a nice "I Love You"-ish tone .... i think? its 3 pages long this tyme :)

i n33d to sl33p ... but i also am gonna draw laura a picture, cuz i she askd :)


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