2003-01-07 @ 11:03 p.m.
n33d sl33p, coolies awesomest dai :D !~happy~!

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well, i didnt sleep.. instead i wrote Alyssa a note; then waited until she was awake to give it to her

in the meantyme i applyed at lots of places

got a job, as a travelling vacuum salesman... i make AT LEAST $2000 a month

if i sell 22 units, i could make a little under $10000 that month

but that happend later

I woke jill up, talked with kiel, THEN went to alyssas, took dwight to skoo, saw all his Bella Vista friends .. i looked for Ali, but since I didnt know what i was looking for, i didnt really expect to find her

have i mentioned my cell number is 821-2392 *winks at Ali*

then i went to more places, setup my interview for my current job

picked up dwight, took him home

went back n forth

I saw bridgette at dwights ^^^ she drove by slowly n flipped me off!? it was weird

later, we catch up wit her a Kmart, and dwight n Natalie talk to her... shes a dumb bitch

speaking of dumb bitch, jill decided to tell everyone i woke her up by caressing her face *i woke her up by shoving her* and that she keeps telling me she hates me n doesnt want to see me ... which is a lie, considering she was telling me she was gonna go out with me a few weeks ago

stupid lieing bitch

her stupid faggot boyfriend, dan, thinks he gonna try to fight me ... stupid homo, thinkin hes cool.

so yeah, im happy

two dumb bitches out of my life :D which is a little weirdly good feeling

and i have a super-high-paying-job


maby enough to even visit Dawn n Lacey ?


anyways, im sleepy... since i havnt sleept fer 29 hrs


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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