2003-01-08 @ 11:21 p.m.
training ~ kinda coolies day

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I had to wake up early.. grr...

i went to work, training ... cant wait to start working, ph34r-ing working ... Eep ...

learned alot of the demo, totally sold on the product. I am a vacuum salesman, but the product isnt a vacuum, its a Cleaning-System!

**intermission, reading work-notes**

im gonna roxorsz some boxorsz at this job... minimum of $500 a week ... Oooh... more money than ever ever before.. *drool*

I IM'ed someone whose diary I found a nite or few ago ... Somewhere Iv came up with the name 'Adrian' .. but since I cant remember where, im afraid its wrong... i suck with names


i hate jill, piper tryed to talk to me, and got blown off, spent awhile wit kiel, saw Alyssa, but since she was with keck i didnt get to talk much ... fsck


during my break (12-1) i drove april to the navy-office, then both of them to carls jr *to get me food* then to their home, then back to work.. pulled up to work at 12:52 finishing my burger ... im so cool.

um ...

bored now, i lil tired.. i must wake up early.. i need to shower -before- going in, to get rid of the facial-hairz ... ev1l-super-H4rDC0r3-instata-regro-f4c14l-h41rz-0f-v1l3-d4rkn3sss~! ... i think im gonna get them perma-removal'd, cuz im lazy and shaving hurts

i just dont kno where to get that done?

i bought Risk for the computer, realizing i have m4d-c4$h on its way ... perfectly-wasted $10

I saw this really cute redhead working at the MetroPCS store at the mall today ... It makes me wanna go pay my bill over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over agin .... :) .. so im gonna go pay agin trm after work

:) hehehe

**intermission, food**

I hate it when a girl is hella nice to you just cause she doesnt want to hurt your feeling cuz she feels bad about hating you. She should just fscking say it right off the bat. Jill thinks thats a good enough excuse "I didnt liek you that way this whole time, but i didnt want to hurt you since your so sensitive" .. Fuck Her!! Im alive, happy, recovering, and all because she finally told me... so how is that bad!?

Dwight, then, thinking he knows everyone n everything, says that i 1) live in my own little world and cant take it when ppl deviate from my fantasy and 2) dont listen and cant handle real, flat-out rejection.

Which, both, are wrong

I do live in my own little world, and its so rich with fantasy im amused by how often and extreme everyone deviates. So, really, no amount of fantasy-bubble-popping can hurt me ..... the reason he thought this was because i dont go out-of-my-way to be hurt n rejected.

I dont entirely listen, but not to his extreme ... i dont take minor unfriendlyness as direct insult... people can have bad days, week, months, even years *im proof* ... I dont base everything on one incident that went bad. plus, i try *TRY* to stay optomistic, so when im told this half-assed "well, not right now because <> your really nice ...blah..blah..blah..." i take that as 'lay off a bit, try agin later' since usually if i care enough to get to that point, then shes worth waiting a little while longer for. Not that i want to wait, but more that if forced to, i will. *Impatient x2*

its late

i n33d sl33p.


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