2002-11-24 @ 7:01 a.m.
im really hoping this isnt my last entry ~ but dont hold your breath

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im sorry fer not updating.. im usually too busy with my FUCKED up life

i hate things, all sorts n colors n shapes of things

and when i dont hate any particular thing, it will decide to premptivly hate ME so that my only course of action iz retaliation.

Now, i shall see where my life left off

***Checks last entry***

okay, friday

i wake up, drive w/ jordan n piper *lilly* places

decide to not go to the council show

chill wit kiel

lots of jill-drama

i slept in my car that nite; and thankfully did not kill myself

today*yesturday* i woke up, went to kiels

went all over places w/ piper n jordan

and kiel

ended up at jills; more drama

dan was there ?

went to game, which was insanely boring

used my l33t to bug jill at 1:30; she still hasnt dumped dan



well, jill tryed to call everything off, because apparently im trying too hard, i care too much

fsck her

she knows if she does that; im gone, permanently

tried becoming friends *and maby more* wit alyssa ... but shes fsckin mean; agin, tryin too hard, caring too much

stupid hypocritical girls

cant make up there fscking minds

if i dont care, im an asshole; they hate me

if i care, im creepy *WTF?*; agin, not good

so, this sick little game has driven me to madness and suicide :D

I have the whole thing planned too :)

*Smiles brightly, my own demise is the only fun thought left*

but i cant tell cuz someone might try to stop me

ill write it all out tho, when they find me, itll rock

hopefully it will get posted, so that everyone can witness these few months of infinite potencial thrown away by ignorant little girls



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