2002-12-19 @ 2:19 a.m.
worst day of my life ~ till Laura, at 6'ish pm

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I have to add an entry today

today might have bein the most horrible day in my life...

until about 6pm

I wake up first to natalie giving me my cell phone charger back ... then i go inside n sleep

Im having this coolies dream.. Alyssa was being nice, actually gave me a solid hug and sat in my lap ....... dwight calls, needs a ride

im on my way to giving him a ride, im turning right on madison n sunrise, theres a motorcycle-cop in front of me.. he hella jus stand, walks back, tells me to pull into the chevron ...?

I get a ticket for the broken seat belt that broke 2 dayz ago .... fsck him

then, i alot of lame boring waiting; i talk to Alyssa

well, she doesnt like me, except for as enough friend to keep me out of her hair

then i talk to jill ...... first about Alyssa, and how i was pushed aside in favor of keck n CJ *yeah, CJ, who cheated on her, like 3 times* ..... well, fsck her

then jill tells me that.. well... she doesnt love me either, and that i truly have bein replaced by that faggot

so i realize that life isnt fun anymore, and im gonna reset and play another ->

but first, i shower, and go to jills to get my cell phone, since i forgot it there

so after getting my cell phone, which jill talked to me, knew my plan, and didnt try n stop me, im walkin.. i call a few ppl at random .. then, my last call... Laura

after talking only a few minutes she asks "Would you like me to be your girlfriend?"

and me, all dumb n half-stunned "Uhhmm... Yeah?"

... but fsck the details; shes my g/f

and she was my choice after Alyssa

so from then on the nite was fairly normal, except for the super-uber-cute-Laura, who i spent a few hrz wit

I realized tho, being a bum can support me, but not her ... so ill prolly havta get a job to support her happiness

hopefully ill get to drive :D


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