2003-01-18 @ 3:00 p.m.
Worst, and best nite ever...?

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Food: I need ~ But what to eat?

Mood: I want to be drunk, or taken .. or both :D

Future: Dont go there. Eeep.

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okay, about last nite

i went to JQ's

there was JQ, his sister erin,jordan, april, me, kiel, natalie, and alyssa. they watched monsters inc and austin powers 3. vollman, n micha show up, along with some kid named mike and keck. during these 4-5 hours, i didnt drink, waiting for a call.... finally, at, like, 11:30, i give in, and i start my nite with nine chugs of vofka *which, in case you didnt kno, gets you fscked up!* ... i had a fun nite, me, natalie and erin were the most fscked up, and JQ, alyssa, keck, and i think mike n other had some, but not much. It was fun. But, see, micha, who sucks, was prolly stoned.. and either way, he was being a cock master. Fer some reason jordan n april were being odd too.... and then, they made a very bad mistake

They took away my Vodka.

first, i thought it was lost, so i went around asking where it went.

then they tried tricking me saying it was gone.. but there was over half a bottle?? then, i find a bottle.. and i realize... the first bottle had an exclaimation mark, the second didnt!! so then they try to tell me "iv reached my limit!?" No. Im sorry. No Such Thing. then i start crying.... oh good lord, it was pathetic. I felt like i was sobering up, and i was so afraid that Ali would hae me for this.... natalie was trying to calm me down * i think* she wanted more to drink too, so we became very close friends and allies.. plus there was alot of 'jill' crying too... not the point.

then, they bust out about a shot n a half of vodka in a cup ...and they gave some to natalie too.. i run to the kitchen, mix myself two cups of Red. then, for about two cups, i was fairly happy.

at some point jordan, april, vollman, n micha leave.... jordan took the liquor with him. I didnt notice their exit tho... when i learn they had the booze, i ran ... i got to raleys, JQ chasing me, keck driving after me in his van.. they throw me in and go back to JQ's ... something happened with a sledgehammer during my pursuit of vodkeezer, but i didnt hit anyone :D:D

once my cups wore off... i started crying agin... it was worse, since now they wasnt even hope of getting more vodka... keck slapped me *trying to snap me out of it* instead, i got a flashback to when i was six, my dad had a saying "Dont cry unless you want me to give you a reason" ... but i didnt saying anything at the tyme, because i didnt want to sound like laura...

somehow, i managed to crawl into the other room, where they were watching south park on a laptop *???* and i spent the next while trying to escape the house untill i got too tired and fell asleep

this morning. I wanted to die... I didnt want to wake up and face them. But I did, and everything was fine, and we shared stories about who-did-what.. apprently i offerd to trade keck my car for his g/f. Im ashamed of me.

I know tho i was gonna trade my car for its weight/worth in Vodka.


now, im gonna hav this parental-thrown-party for jordan *who i hate* and then chill untill we see if JQ's house will be open tonite. And, if so, im gonna drink agin, because optomisism is a lie, but 40 proof is for real!

byebye fer nows


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