2002-12-04 @ 1:50 a.m.
zombies, bumz, crackheads, and Fae

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I hate soccer moms

on the other hand

i like(d) dwights sister, alyssa

she kinda almost started liking me back

then evil piper n CJ but in

now shes going out w/ CJ *agin?*

on friday dwight got in a car accident, i was in the passger seat, closest to the point of collision

i was leaning slightly forward already, the seatbelt was locked

i prolly broke ribs, my neck n shoulders hurt

today *yesterday* -> jogging toward kiels home, from mesa... maby an 100 ft *max* jog ... total softcore ... i roll my anckle *says the doctor* and i have "serious soft-tissue damage*

i hav a foot brace and crutches

I thank God it was my left foot :D

jill doesnt like kissing me, and wont tell me she loves me ... which sux

i can think of at least 15 reasons why i could be disqualifyed from the Navy, which then means my life iz over :D


the good news

i hav had fun, kinda

i hav enough money for a cellphone

monday nite was my first time in a porn-shop; i almost bought a 21 inch doubledong to cock-slap ppl wit

my car loves me, i slept in it

hot chicks wanna ride my jock

i might be stealing kiels old g/f, laura :) :P


my life sux; but at least its not worse :D?


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