2003-04-26 @ 12:18 a.m.
w34k day.. jus all around w34k!

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Day: w34k ass day.... w34k

Mood: very *yawn* cuz today was lame n w34k

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hav i ever mentioned lil girls piss me off?

so today was w34k by any normal standards... dwight didnt call till 2:30'ish, didnt show up till, like 5pm ... we saw laura for all of 3 minutes, while we exchanged notes... dwight n laura are kinda rocky relationship'ing cuz they are both afraid to communicate stuff? ..... meanwhile my hot lil 14 yr old is out scoping other dudes... so iv gonna either tear her apart, of cut her loose... cuz, well, i dont hav to take that shit :D .... so laura calld, like, 8 tymes today, most were sad'ness-ing.. some were normal'ish ..... and Christina all sad .. shes being ditched by kory, or something? .. well, what goes around comes around *lil girls, tsk tsk* ... and her entrys are just that.. whine whine whine... then theres Lauren "oh i love life so much, im jus waiting for when i actually stop being a heartless bitch and actually -care- about someone enough so that i miss them" ... What The Fuck!? how do i manage to find every stupid heartless lil girl on this planet? they cant -all- be this bad, right?

then, i tihnk, well drinking cant go wrong, right? .... no, beeman bought this lame-ass brand that tasted like sahit, there was no chasers,it was glass which means no chugging, and finally, beeman drops the bottle, it shatters, the end .... but they all had weed, so theyre all fucked up, and gonna sleep at my house.. joy. i get to take care of kecks stoned friends... theres beeman, dwight, keck, weast, chris, yev, and Jq....

yeah, a w34k day

and that new girl, whos way closer.... no word from her, so i prolly got my wish, she hates me :D...

and then theres Megan ... shes cool, cute, and may even like me.. but is far far away, which is jus my luck :)

and im sure theres more ppl, but i n33d to end the entry soons.... they rest of the stonies got back from smoking... must tend of my friends.. fsck...


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