2003-04-26 @ 10:34 a.m.
morning ... lameness.. *yawn*

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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omfg.. lil girls are rampaging!

ok, not really.. this tyme its jill... not the point

so las nite, after taking care of beeman kinda, all the stonies got on their rollerblades, for some nite-skating... hey,g uess what -> im at home, my skates are here! w00t!! i got to nite-skate with real skaters! oh how cool i felt... i kept going faster and turning sharper than them tho... im starting to think skaters arent really all that H4rDC0r3... i might become one?

so, we got home, i talked with keck for, like, 2 hours... then we slept.. that was at 4+'am ... its 10'ish ... and i was woken up a bunch in the meantyme... i dont like being un-slept...

but ok, the lil girls on my grr'ness today, jill ... and some fine 14 yr old who prolly doesnt even exist... well somehow Dan n Matt thompson "toe" found out i had this *prolly from jill, that stupid slut* and so i kinda gave her a temporary password... they prolly read some of it... thankfully its ~HUGE~ so theres no way they got to anything good... but still, i deleted the password in case that chick isnt real, and ill talk w/ her like nothings happend to try n get nifo from them.. and defeat thenm with my skillz... oh, and if she is in fact real, and jill is full of shit.................... Ooops?

but yeah, some good came from today...

wait, no, nevermind! i nice reminder on why having chicks as a priority is an equation for disaster *look at the previous 18 years of my life* .... it seems that for once, things are actually going well... cuz chicks are evil .. well, most.. some arent, but they usually taken, or dead...


dwights gonna be getting Laura, going to some concert.. they want me to come.. fsck that! i think i might leave my cellphone with gran and disappear for today... i feel like disappearing :)

i dunno.. first im gonna try to sleep... grr'ness


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