2003-04-25 @ 12:27 p.m.
random morning entry... lateda

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CellPhone: 8212392 , even if iv never talked to you before ever, or if i said you suck, still call!

E-Mail: E-Mail Me!! Feedback.. tell me something!!

Challenge: im gonna see if i can jus *Chug* Vodka more than 10 chugs... ill practice on water laterz

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morning update, cuz alot happened ...

okay, proof im a PC, shit -only- happens once im awake! ... like, the whole world wakes up when i do!! .... Laura calls, and says she was sad, cuz i was veing mean, so cryd alot n cut n such ... wtf? i wasnt being mean, i thought we were play-fighting over Leslie ?? ..??? ...... i dunno, ill talk to her laterz, things will sort out

before that, i had some crazyness dreams.. one where i saw laura n kiel having sex.. but laura had black-hair and pigtails..... then something about walking alot, i was taking less-BumStyle ppl with me.. then i somehow ended up with dwights dad, or my dad? and rosa n Jessica *my lil sis* and we hung out or something?? .. and then i needed to find a way home, and i ended up at this one house, and there was Jill, but she was like, 8, or 13.. i knew Jill when she was 13.. its hard to explain, she looked like Roberta *lauras foster-sis, whos 13, but has the body of an 8 yr old, her head is big for her body, its funny* ... but Jill was the finest damn thing on the planet... OMFG! it looked like jill, but iv seen pics of jill when she was younger, and this girl wasnt her... really hard to explain, like all the lil details were different, buit it lookd like Jill still.... so beautiful, i want that girl!!... she kinda reminds me of Leslie tho, mainly cuz this 'jill' had blue eyes.... Jill doesnt have blue eyes. the i woke up *to lauras call kinda*

... then i layd around awhile, ate a lil, chilld,.... and someone calls.. form this one place i applyd online at *didnt expect a responce either** .... well this place is where i work at home -> they send me a loan application, i call the ppl and fill more of it out w/ them, then send it back... that earns me $4 ... and so then i keep doing that alot, and make m4d-ca$h ... sweet? not really, but its money, so im thinking.... the problem -> they want me to pay $84 to start... Eeep... they're willing to cut it into two payments of $42, once at the start, then one after i start...? but still, thats more ca$h than i hav, since my bank has decided im at -29$ ....

now im waiting fer dwight to get over here, so my day can start...

but more importanly, my thinky was thinking... i think this new thought-process has to do with chickage... see, i keep getting hurt because i care n shit... so my brain i think has kinda -stoppd- ... and as a result, my life-plan needs some re-thinking as well... which is why the Navy is being re-considered... now see, im telling the Navy last of course, because theyd prolly be pretty pissed off at me for thinking this... so ill be extra-sure before i do anything....


this saturday i think me diwght Leslie n laura are going to some concert? then getting wasted at the skoo... it sounds fun, but i ph34r for Leslies sake... iv never bein drunk -AND- taken.... not to mention Leslie will be there... maby ill give her a knife or mace or something, just in case i get a lil too drunk?

oh, and lil girls piss me off, but since i havnt actually bein given reason to be grr, im gonna shut up now


i listend to silverchair while i sleep'd, then i turned on Alkaline Trio once i woke up... its kinda funny, but its cuz i dont kno the words to any of the silverchair songs yet... and if you like silverchair, you should email me or something to tell me a few songs to d/l, cuz i dont kno anything about silverchair *yet*

im going to re-read some of my diary agin... cuz i can?


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