2003-04-24 @ 11:08 p.m.
random entry... lateda :P

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so this new girl, who typed at me on Yahoo, is The DM smiting me... how you might ask? .. well, tihnk about this -> i hav a 14 year old girlfriend, who because of all sorts of reasons has alot of reasons to end it; and, just as many reasons *ok, like x3 more* to keep it... then, another fine coolies 14 year old, who lives, like, 15 miles closer *she lives 5-10 minz walking* types at me, with the intent of liking me. Now, on any normal day, id be too busy liking this new girl and making her un-like me.... but im taken, so im not that lucky... im miserable when im lonely, and tormented when taken... i cant jus hav one girl like -ME-.. nope, all of nothing... like life is intentionally out of get me?

well, im not kiel, im not a total piece of shit, so this girl will eventually get told im taken, and she can stop trying now... altho ill feel bad, cuz she is coolies... *sigh* ... oh well, i guess i should be grateful, i -am- taken, i do have a very hot g/f.. i jus feel guilty, cuz of all the tymes iv bein the one not-taken who liked someone in my position... i dunno, im dumb

then, i find this -> ashley-o.diaryland.com .. it was funny, so i linked it

but, back to my earlier rant ->

i dont even kno why this girl likes me? i gave her the starting entrys, those suck more than the newer shit, so maby she'll save herself some heartache and jus learn to hate me :D ... itd save my conscious some... altho either way, i feel bad

"things they never work out right" .. alkaline trio said it best


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