2003-04-24 @ 9:40 p.m.
day~ pretty coolies cuz of leslie~ sleepy day

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*sometymes im just not in the mood..?*

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its funny, everytyme i get on DLand, i remember -> lil girls piss me off! Christina and Lauren mainly

so today i woke up... layd around for about 3 hours... dwight came, we wasted tyme *and gas* going to carls jr, rissas, osh, but finally ended up near Laura/Leslie's house.. we calld, they calld, and about 2 hours later, we were allowed to come over :)

but the odd part, laura went with dwight to turn in apps... leslie couldnt go? so i stayed sitting w/ leslie... it was kinda boring, cuz she wasnt really talking or anytihng..?? ... i was really starting to worry? ... then dwight n laura got back.. she was still kinda unf-un'd? ... but after i sat on her lap *she wanted it that way?* she started to talk and smile n stuff *which r0xd* ... then they had to go eat, so me n dwight went to go eat too.. i made the mistake of eating a lil bit of onion, which leslie imediately noticed *it was a lil creepy even* ... so i waited until laura brought those scary mint-paper-tab-plastic-sheet-thingys ... then the onion went away, and i got to kiss leslie *which r0xz!!*... and leslie playd with my phone, changed a bunch of settings.. it kinda suckd, but she told me i couldnt change them back.. its kinda like i was being branded or something, if i change them back, its like shes nothing to me??, so i left them.... ill jus deal with it **me normally being insanely peticular about such things** ... so yeah, im really liking leslie.. alot.. i realized that when i went to change the settings........ and then didnt

dwight drove to his home, then myne.. JQ didnt wanna go Cyphon gasoline out of innocent peoples cars with us... so once we got to dwights, dwight extorted $20 from his dad... then he drove me home, but first filled his gas.......

that was my day

Leslie r0x .... the problem.. shes 14, im 18 .... when shes graduating HS, ill be 22 .... Twenty-Two! ... i remember that being un-coolies a year ago....

but yeah... not much rant.. today was sleepy... and im being IM'd by someon i dont kno yet, who i tihnk likes me? ill feel bad tho if im right.. *lolz* i hav an idea, ill jus give her the link, and a temp. password, and itll scare her away... she'll kno the true meaning of ph34r, and not-like me... she is pretty hot tho ;) ... she 14? which basically ... well, im not sure, iv degenerated my morals so far already... *sigh* well, whatever... if the DM leads me to it, then yeah


and desparate09.diaryland.com keeps talking to me.. i feel bad, cuz shes really cool, but far away, and i cant seem to start a conversation? im dumb.... really dumb *youv bein reading, you should kno!*

dwights gonna update tho, itll be coolies

*yawn*... as i said, today was sleepy

im gonna go


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