2003-04-23 @ 11:54 p.m.
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As much as someone has destroyed
themselves, I still cared about them.
Now they're gone and I'm still living
in the past. I think they are all I ever
had in the world, but it's not so.

What Goddamnit song are you?

How ASIAN are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com.

i _read the diary of_ megan.

megan is _coolies_.

if i were alone in a room with megan, i would _try not to do anything we would regret_.

i think megan should_be rich_.

megan needs _loving_.

i want to _*CENSORED*_ megan.

i wish megan and i _could listen to silverchair_.

someday megan will _r0x0rz many b0x0rz_.

megan can be _dorky_.

megan reminds me of _someone from a funny dream_.

without megan _life would be less-coolies_.

_nervously_ is how I describe meeting megan.

my fav memory of megan is _her away messages_.

worst thing about megan is _tennessee_.

best thing about megan is _her dorky'ness_.

i am _smitten_ with megan.

i realized something, Im starting to like silverchair...

in addition to that, i finished reading megans diary ...

and, finally, ...... ok, n/m, i was smote.. alkaline trio is re-do'ing their site or something, so the lyrics page is down... fsck!

so thats all fer nows

my real day is one back


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