2003-04-23 @ 8:32 p.m.
boring day ~ some un-fun too ~ nothing too terrible tho

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CellPhone: 8212392 , call? **altho I n33d ca$h to pay fer it!**

E-Mail: E-Mail Me!! Feedback.. Navy or Not?

Stuff: what goes around come around ... Me/Lauren; Christina/Dwight ... but whatever?

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did I ever mention? lil girls piss me off.

~ not the hot kinda, but the stupid kind... its almost not age-related, its like maturity lvl... even Jennifer sometymes pissed me off, and leslie.. well, shes as cute as can be ;) even tho she was gonna try something

okay, chronology

so, i woke up at 5am, was trpping out and im not sure why... re-slept, woke up, showerd, dwight came

we went.. um... oh yeah, first wendys n the bank, then to travis' then Laura/Leslie's home, then back down here... wasted tyme, went to a skate-park in Rocklin, i feel down while trying to skate, hurt my knee *it bled, i had ph34r* ... then went to kiels, to talk to jill.. i stayed in the car... then im home

today was boring

but, see... Leslie was gonna break up with me, for some bs girl reason, that thabnkfully had nothing to do with me "i want to still be friends" and "sorry" made up, like, 75% of the email... but its in-valid since she calld n said not to check the email, cuz it wasnt really being instated... apparently Laura talked her out of it... cuz, it wasnt really a very good reason at all ... so yeah, i still have the Finest lil 14 yr old g/f ever *sighs dreamily* .. but yeah, today suckd

and of course, there was christina, who is dumb, and is totally all over dwights C ... "why didnt you talk to me sooner dwight, i liked you more than Jon" ... yeah, that makes me feel wonderful *sarcasm* ... but whatever, lil girls piss me off sometymes ... and Lauren talked to dwight, altho there was no details, and pretty sure it wasnt something i wanted to hear :D

I apply'd at Wendy's ... dwight had a good feeling about the job... i kinda did too ... altho i hav more ph34r!

*christina IM'd me ... I hope I dont say agin -too- cruel?*


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