2003-04-17 @ 2:32 a.m.
day w/ Leslie ~ shes SO cute~ plus some other stuffies?

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CellPhone: 8212392 , call?

Mood: happyness! omfg, happiness!!

Challenge: H4rDC0r3 walk up Sunrise almost to Game; near WL .. skillz~!?

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i havnt jack'd-on fer almost 24 hours!.. omg...

so today i did something, i was calld by Laura, who arranged my transport to her home... and, I met Leslie, one'a the cute girl iv ever met... The DM is still throughly smiting me, with my previous attempts on Apathy ... but dont worry, i can remain apathetic for quite awhile, you'll see!

plus Leslie seems to be able to tolerate lame'ness, so maby theres long-term potencial?

well, whatever ... if she wants to be long-term, thats what she gets... see, thats basically my tactic, a very short-term command input.. if she says "i want you forever".. ok, then ill respond to that according, but only on a day to day basis... which means she'll havta keep re-initializing the command... that keeps me from hearing something coolies, and then acting on it even after she wants space or whatever... ~skillz~ ... whatever goes on is up to chickage, in the pure'est form

and then, i start my H4rDC0r3 walk home, since they are way out near WL kinda, and im talking ot dwight, and i get a ride from kiel.. i was looking forward to some H4rDC0r3, but oh well... so i chill there at dwights with kiel dwight n travis, then we kinda disband... i got to brag about Leslie, i tihnk theyre jealous.. well, i -kno- kiel is anywayz .... but whatever? ... Dwight wants to come w/ me trm, but im not sure they want him to? so i dunno??? ... itd suck?

um... my think really hasnt produced a rant.. cuz i did stuff today, and cuz im thinking about Leslie, who is very very cute, i mean OMFG! *drools* and i got this Fuzzy Pink TrechCoat *bathrobe* from her! its so awesome! it smelld like her for most of the night, so i was all over myself *lolz* ... i miss her even, it kinda sucks.. shes so far away *shakes fist* ... the only problem with this->

I N33d Food!!!!! im so hungry, havnt eaten or anything all day, except two pieces of pizza, and two poptarts! ... im sorry, thats like half of one of my usual four meals... im hungry now, im gonna go eat alot, try not-to sleep, then drink alot of water, get a water bottle, and then start my H4rDC0r3 walk over there at around 4-5 ... cuz yea, I -AM- H4rDC0r3! ..., and i hella wanna see Leslie agin.. lauras still a little crazy, there that lil seed still there, that blint in her eye, the little actions here n there... but she gotten better since the kiel shit, by far~ ..... plus, theres Leslie, and Leslie is .. well... *has no way to type this expression; but its ~Good~**

so yeah

thats about it?


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