2003-04-17 @ 7:47 p.m.
H4rDC0r3, you must ph34r... ~ day w/o sleep, and all sorts of crazy to come?

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Challenge: d4 gr34t p41n ... I Am H4rDC0r3!!!

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ok, not to sound dirty or anything, but having my legs massaged would be nice.. :D

so last nite at around 3:50am i started walking, i only used my own magic items, onsisting of my fav'est shorts n the denim jacket, flannel, etc.... so i walk

i noticed the sun rise, and after walking over the American River Bridge, i checked the tyme to be 6:50am ... i got to Laura foster home at about 7:17, where i proceeds to wait for leslies call... at 8:01 i was too impatient, i calld.. the mom-person picks up surprized n asleep, everyone is asleep still... fsck!

so i wander around, go to a nearby park, sleep on the playground about 30 minz.. wander more... watch a worm crawl slowly out of its hole, play around with a sunflower seed shell, then rolls around n go back into its hole... then i start walking agin, i take this long-ass way around her neighborhood, it takes another hour... its around 10'ish, kiel trys to call but the phone is acting crazy on this bridge, but aftet the bridge its about 10:30, i call agin, laura n leslie are awake, but there are no parents... fsck! i can come over... or at least go in? .. and i had spent that past hour fantasizing about getting my hurting feets onto the sweet sweet napp of carpet .. *sigh* .. so then i chill there, both laura n leslie arent too happy-like... and, no kiss from leslie, *but some from Laura*; so that trip was kinda grr' ... then i get to walk home???.?? well, i got about %20 when kiel saved me, we drove awhile, till the rabbit died... the back tire kinda 'opened'?? so kiels hating life commensted... then we get towed to kiels home... and i try to find a ride, but there is no ride, so i walksies up to the Navy Office *like another 2 hours of walky*...killer rain rains on me, so im all shivering n wet n shit... but super-H4rDC0r3 about it too!! ... have the meeting, the evil-rain comes back for more, but i get a ride home from some dude who goes to mesa n is in the Navy too ... so now im here

talked to Laura n Leslie, both not sounding too happy with me... Im thinking 'Apathy' is in order?

and plans for drinking have arisen.. iv never bein both sleep-deprived n drunk , this should rock!! **notice, no sleep in betwwen yesterdays 'waking up' and today... ph34r m4 un-slept***

but yeah, i need to call both kiel n laura before the drinking gets to start

nitenite fer nows

*pray for me!*


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