2003-04-15 @ 11:34 p.m.
random entry... lateda

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im not complately sure what has happened the past day.... i mean, i jus sat here? wtf?? ... i watched TV, saw this thing about UFO's.. made me think, kinda wonder if iv bein abducted? .. prolly not

stole michaels scanner... it suposedly works, but since that fat piece of shit lost the CD, im left to randomly d/l driver in hopes that one will work... grr

yeah, i dont kno... i was thinking, itd be a funny plot twist if Largo n Miho got together... maby ill post that idea on the MT Forum... but see, the thing that got my attention... .. yea, this world is creepy sometymes...

so yeah, i didnt do anything today.. i feel lame for it

Dwight has prolly read alot of the diary by now, if not all of it... i hav ph34r.

im gonna go on the run later.. but till then, no news

and no rant or thinky cuz iv watched TV, my brain feels numb... like i thought Novacane or something??


i want someone to hold... why does life havta suck??


im gonna go eat.. cuz i kinda skipped that step a few too many tymes this week...


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