2003-04-15 @ 12:19 a.m.
a day, lateda... not much interesting?

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CellPhone: 8212392 , even if iv never talked to you before ever, or if i said you suck, still call!

Day: ran a pre-planed quest, and saw drama... none of it was myne tho..?

E-Mail: E-Mail Me!! cuz you should, and itll rock!

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ok, to clarify my earlier rant, if your still reading this, you prolly arent part of my grr'ness... or at least, -yet-

then, i call Alyssa, and we talk for 55 minutes, and we go hang out awhile, stop at dwight, i chill wit dwight i bit, then get droped off here, then see Alyssa online, and they come n get me agin, *they being natalie n alyssa* .. we play this game kinda, we follow keck to see where he goes, it ends up causing all this drama *this quest was pre-planed by the DM, all it needed was a PC to run* ... so in the end, she *in private, i find out later* trys to break up with Keck, but he gets all weepy, so then Alyssa stops being mad at him for ignoring her *it was also exactly like the Me/Lauren thing, only keck actually pretends to care, lauren didnt give a shit* .... so then it ends, and Alyssa drives me home, and her n natalie go off to spend the nite together..... a side-drama for the quest was between kiel-natalie... since we all turned off our cellphone fer awhile, he got all pissy and is playing games back at natalie... he seems to think that if she wants to kno whats hes doing 24/7, he should have the same priveledge... normally, sure, its fair... but see, he cheated on natalie, and natalie hasnt... that means its not fair anymore... but whatever, anything kiel+girl thing is bound to be fucked up, so ill jus as soon stay out of it :D

while with dwight, he made a DLand diary... oh god, this is getting to be suck'age... so he wants to read myne... im kinda un-sure... i really dont, but yet do.. im not sure, ill havta think on this...

so yea, thats my day.. i went outside, and got adventure... ?

im starting to miss liking chicks, even tho they all suck and are all mean n dumb n lie about what they want and are barely even worth the trouble and grr! ... but it was really fun? ....

its Alyssa's fault, cuz i like her, and if you havnt noticed, shes always bein in the 'things i like' catagory on the aboutme page... cuz she is really coolies, even tho she doesnt like me :)?

but yeah...


im gonna go now... im not sure if im going on a run tonite, cuz of kiels drama... he may go with Travis... when he calld, i showed Apathy, and he tryd to make it seem like i was mad, but im like "no, i jus dont wanna go if the cars gonna be full, if travis wants to go, then i wont so theres room, and if travis weants to go home, then ill go :)" .... he had no defense *even tho hes prolly talking shit anywayz* so he said he may call back? ... well whatever, i could use sleep anywayz... plus im hungry, i havnt eaten for a few dayz *i keep forgetting, like ill go to the fridge, nibble at something a lil, plan to come back for more bigger food, and then not till the next day.... and im not eating fastfood or anyhing outside of home* ... so yeah


i want to be calld or emailed or something... i want attention :)


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