2003-04-14 @ 4:13 p.m.
the best part of waking up... wait, no, there is none... fuck

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did i ever mention that lil girls are starting to really piss me off?

so i come online, check my email n pplz diarys, Laurens online, and we end up talking... then i remember how she gave the link to dwight, so i confront her... well, her excuse is that she didnt kno 'everyone' wasnt supposed to kno? ... "keep this a secret" <- what does that mean exactly????? well anyways, shes the one who doesnt really pay much attenion to my typey, cuz ill say something, like, 3 tymes and she'll not get it, but think that im not getting what she said? ... omg, lil girls are starting to get really annoying

" I still don't see where you're trying to go, with stating something we've already established." <-- she says this to me?

so yeah, thats my morning...

Laura n i think The Ely calld while i was sleeping...? i was sleeping tho, so answering didnt happen

and i had a really creepy dream... but im not gonna go into that

why cant i meet a girl who actually sane? or at least, not as crazy n dumb n shit like pretty much any of these other ones.... and the rare few *literally, i think, like, 3* have no interest whatever, because they after some fool who sucks... which, happens to be dumb.

yeah, im pissed off now

renewd grr'ness for that other 3.01 billion people who make up the female race


hopefully later today ill either be drunk, taken, or get to yell at ppl out the window n do lots of stupid shit :D hehehe

or maby ill draw

i have alot of options :)

but still! grr!!!


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