2003-04-14 @ 4:25 a.m.
day entry, cuz like, iv managed to survive another one?

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CellPhone: 8212392 , even if iv never talked to you before ever, or if i said you suck, still call!

Thinky: i realized my Gold membership will run out at some point.. uh-oh...

Piccy: none today, i wanna do more, but im out of ideas kinda... send me ideas!?!?

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ok, so i woke up afternoon'ish, my puter crashes n kiel shows up... no morning entry

before leaving tho, i talked to ppl, the more memorable being Lacey n Dawn who r0x0rz...


ok, so then i went in kiels rabbit to get dwight ,then around the mall which was closing?? (but then aremembered it was, like, late for the daywalkers) ,, and then somehow killed more tyme, chilld with dwight at his home, watched Jackass... Oh My God. ... Oh My God.

i cant believe any human being had that kind of capability... i mean, alot *ok, only like 70%, the rest was stupid* but like, it was H4rDC0r3, but to an extreme that no human should ever indure... im sorry.. those paper-cuts, i dont think anyone could handle that.. one dude even threw up over those papaer-cuts... but yeah, then we watched Star Trek : First Contact... iv seen this before, *yawn* so yea... kiel came back, we went somewhere, i yelled at ppl n mnade faces and bid H4rDC0r3 alot.. *is taking step away from Piro-thinky and leaping blindly toward Largo-thinky .. i may die* but yea, then we ditched dwight, cuz, like, we were gonna get drunk n stoned... but theres no Vodka, and no one could get it for us... and then dwight got weed, but weed is lame... beeman n dwight try to argue that we werent high enough, even tho it was going around the table in a fairly even pattern, and everyone was blowing there smoke in my face, and i was pretty messed up..... but it got lame after, like, less than an hour, and yeah, it was lame

so we ditched dwight at his home, and went on the run...

and it was a fun run, dwight wanted to come, but having 3 ppl.... no room.. oh god... and he started getting weird, like "what are you guys hiding"... no, we jus realized the space issue... well, and its alone tyme with kiel... i like keeping friends one on one alot, i get more attention, and i do less-crazy stuff...

so then on the run that was good, even tho im totally off, i cant throw like i used to... but yeah, then we went home.. *yawn* now im here

got and email from Jen who has bein reading the diary... im not sure if she actually liked it *I dont drink for the taste*, but i read her diary, and she seems pretty coolies? ...

but yeahnow im bored n stuff

no real rant... i had alot of day, so not much thinky

still on track for the anti-ch1x0rz thinky, cuz they all are mean and ev1l and lie'y-type-not-to-be-trusted-like so yeah.. but they are fine, and fun to look at all flirty like from 2 lanes away :) especially when her b/f is sitting next to her :) .. so yeah... im still taking ch1x0r offer tho, especially if they've already read the diary, cuz thats, like, a determination thing, and i like attention n determination :D

um.. im tired too

im prolly gonna sleep?


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