2003-04-15 @ 4:19 a.m.
las lil bit before sleep :D

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Stuff: I seem to remember wanting ot email someone... if it was you, email me to remind me?

Game: life is ok, the quests are kinda lame... but i see potencial :D

E-Mail: E-Mail Me!! I Want Attention!!

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... so then i get online more, got so bored i went on Yahoo! chat *shudders* .. met some chick in roseville? but whatever... then megan IM's me on AIM, we talk... basically smite from the DM cuz im kinda liking her... im trying not-to tho; cuz even tho shes nice n cute n stuff now, its only a matter of tyme before she turns.. cuz they all turn... -All- ... so yeah

then in the middle of our conversation kiel calls, hes coming to get me... its, like 2 already.. but whatever, so i re-get ready i go, it was a kinda boring normal quick'ish run.... only i didnt get to see that cute-lil-daughter-of-the-crazy-russian-w/-the-anger-problem, and i also didnt get to see that cute girl w/ glasses... but oh well.. their like, 10 n 13 anywayz *lolz* ...

but yeah

i may actually go d/l some Silverchair... im getting curious.... like, alot of girls iv went to go like hav liked silverchair, maby theres a connection?

or maby im dumb?

well, whatever, im tired, i wanna go spank it n sleep



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